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0px; font: 12.0px ‘Times New Roman’; color: #000000; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000}span.s1 {font-kerning: none}span.Apple-tab-span {white-space:pre}Hughes focuses upon multiple topics. These topics include American society, equality, politics, and multiculturalism.

Hughes starts off by discussing how no one in American was really ever identical. Individuals within America were described as being more occupied with praise rather than equality. Although the hero usually seems like the superior individual, Hughes describes a hero being the victims of inequality. Due to victims being viewed as hero’s, the typical superior individuals, which were white males, attempted to present themselves as victims as well. The single-issue politics came about eventually which led to more of an uproar about inequality topics. There was never a period when everyone was identical in America.

The entire country never spoke the same language or even believed in or worshipped the same gods. America was not built upon race or inherited class. It was, instead, born out of immigration. Essentially, America was based upon everyone making accommodations for each other but they typically failed.

The melting pot, which America was described as, did not melt. Cultures and races never integrated.  America is supposed to be centered around everyone having a collective and mutual respect for one another but if this is disintegrated the ideas of America began to separate.  Individuals that live in American are preoccupied with the thought of praise rather than equality. About ten or so years ago, the victims of inequality were typically homosexuals, women, blacks, Indians, and Chicanos. Today, the range of victims has expanded drastically to include numerous different individuals even those who are blind or small. Instead of facing inequality, Americans would rather change its name in order to ignore it.

Individuals that are often labeled as unequal are given titles to sound more official and attempt to make the individuals feel better about their situation as well as their place in society.  Hughes states that the victim shall be the hero. This concept leads to white American males, typically seen as a hero, to begin to plea that they are victims as well. They do this in order to gain pity and victim status. When the white American male began stating that they were victims also, it lead to the creation of ideas such as the thought that we are all victims of our parents.

This leads people to believe that no matter their wrongdoing or selfishness they should not be blamed for it because it is their families fault.  Eventually, single-issue politics began to rise and it forced the government to, at least, take look at civic concerns that would’ve usually been ignored. Examples of these civic concerns were the civil rights movement, the environment, and women’s rights.

By ignoring these civic concerns the government seemed to be devaluing the rights of equality. The government has always seen these topics as extremely unimportant for day to day function. The government viewed these topics this way because they had always been labeled as such until single-issue politics increased.  Hughes begins to explain that the societal belief in America is that whatever books you read is the kind of person you will develop into. For example, books written by people like Shakespeare, Dante, and Tolstoy, that are aimed at blacks, gays, and females. If these books are read by the public then they will begin to have a bias towards these people. American’s believe that this affects young people more then others.

Hughes states that American students or young individuals hardly read at all anymore; therefore, how are these books being the main influential factor towards young individuals?  Slavery has been written into the foundation of the old world. Slavery has became one of the most heavily debated inequality topics. Hughes discusses how slavery is a topic that has had it’s facts heavily warped. For example, numerous individuals within today’s society believe that mostly blacks were enslaved and this was done solely by the white European. Hughes points out that slavery was around long before Europeans enslaved blacks.

In multiple parts of Rome, the majority of slaves were white. African slavery was actually started by Arab individuals. The Arabs worked in cooperation with black African’s in order to enslave prisoners of their countless wars. All of this occurred well before the white European ever entered the continent of Africa.  I feel as if the article can relate to individualism. America is founded upon every individual having equality. More times than not, numerous individuals were looked down upon or labeled; therefore, essentially giving them a disadvantage throughout society. The multiculturalism within America plays a huge factor upon this idea.

Due to the various cultures, even though America believes in equality, it has been found to be extremely difficult to give every individual equality.