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0px ‘Times New Roman’; color: #000000; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000; min-height: 15.0px} span.s1 {font-kerning: none} The scholars have already done some researches on the book The Great Gatsby which was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, such as the writing styles of the author in the book, symbolism and metaphor, the failure of the American dream, the analysis of the protagonist Gatsbythe representative of hero and Daisy’s and other women’s selfish and mental emptiness. On the basis of these, it revealed the failure of the American Dream people had in that times when they paid more attention to the materialistic hedonism but spiritual void by analyzing the characters such as Gatsby, Daisy and Tom. Therefore, Gatsby’s American DreamDaisywas doomed to failure. However, he was great because he speared no efforts to make his dream come true.There are many similarities between those two novels.

From the theme and plot view, it is obvious that not only “The great Gatsby” but also “winter dream” are all show the hero who made various efforts to chase the love and then their dream was broken. Both of them reflect the “lost generation” in the 1920 s and their broken “American dream”.Also for the author’s language style, both of the two works were used the sad tone to describe the disillusionment of dream and broken. There is always a lingering between the lines of melancholy.

This melancholy is not only nostalgia of unfulfilled dreams of material life, but also the First World War’s lost generation who had the typical psychological characteristics.As stated earlier, this two works had a certain similarity in the plot and theme, but the author given them two completely different ending. After careful arrangement, Gatsby met Daisy again at the end of this story. Although this kind of love was short, it bought him with excitement and surprise.

However it also led the disaster which means it directly connected with the death of Gatsby. Gatsby who still hold his dream until death, however, he didn’t know he became their love’s scapegoat, and he cannot know the true character of Daisy. And also he did not find out that his dream was unrealistic and ridiculous. His tragedy can be easily saw by the readers, however, his did not aware it.Dexter heard his lover’s later experience from others. He had not seen her for many years already.

He was alive, but he was similar like a statue who witnessed the wind and rain. He carefully tasted that disappointed and frustrated, and his revealed the truth: he had his lover many years ago, however, he lost her forever. He cannot weep aloud or caress cherishes, and nothing can be redeemed. In this place, the dream broken was shown by Dexter’s mood which contained sad and lost.The two ending were shown in different ways, but each of them had its own characteristics. This not only reflected the author’s creative talents, but also it was a bold attempt and a type of innovation of the author.

The author used two different ways to tell the reader the wonderful American dream which was in the heart of youth cannot be touch.