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s1 {font-kerning: none}Circa 2001: Standing on the start line for the district roller skating championship for the third time should have been easy after winning the previous two times.  Somehow it didn’t seem so – I was shooting above my weight as a 14-year-old competing in the U-16 category. That’s when I remembered what my father always said, “A lion is the king of the jungle not because it wins all its fights, but because it always gives a worthy fight”.

I decided to give a worthy fight and won the third time straight.A lot of what I am today can be attributed to my constant association with sports and my ability to take the learnings from the field to the daily life. As a student, while I was an STSE scholar on one hand, I also took an active interest in leadership roles through NGOs such as Dharma Bharti where I initiated a campaign of cleanliness in our ward and convinced the city mayor to implement steps for better waste management. Similarly, my zest to utilise my energy constructively led my friends and I to launch a finance club and conduct a national-level modelling competition during my master’s programme.

As an employee, like in sports, I always acknowledged the importance of leading my teams with an innovative approach. While at Cognizant, despite the nascency of my professional career, I was selected over several experienced members for deployment in Tokyo with our Japanese business clients. My inexperience notwithstanding, my team’s efforts to generate new business streams by undertaking proof-of-concept projects in emerging technologies convinced the client of our organisation’s capability and they rewarded us with a $384K additional project.My experiences in Japan taught me another important lesson – continuous learning. Yearning for a deeper understanding of finance, I was selected for a specialized leadership MBA program by ICICI Bank out of a pool of nearly 80,000 professionals to join as senior managers with the bank post completion of the course.

From creating industry-leading risk measurement models to gathering raw data by visiting road and mining projects and learning SAS for automating reporting frameworks to negotiating financing deal terms with clients, my years in the current role have been the most challenging but emotionally gratifying.Moreover, my association with high school students as their mathematics-cum-life coach for over six years and my passion for long distance solo bike rides has helped me to be in constant touch with my inner self and do my bit for the betterment of the society. All being said, I believe that my most important qualification to an ISB class lies in my ability to assimilate all my experiences to bring out the ‘big picture’ ideology in each discussion. By actively engaging in an environment of uninhibited experience sharing, I believe that my presence at ISB PGP will go beyond classrooms and will contribute to a mutually enriching one year of our lives.