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0px ‘Helvetica Neue’; color: #454545; min-height: 14.0px}Database Administrator:A database administrator is nothing but  performing all the activities which leads to a successful maintanence database environment.In this we can design, implement, and maintain the total database system,so that it establishes specific procedures pertaining to the  management,security,maintenance, and use of database management system for training the employees.

Responsibilities:A   Data base administrator includes :Installation and upgrading the database server and also the application toolsFirstly it allocates space   in the system for storing  and plans for the future storage requirements for the database system. Differences:Screen all databases and resolve all execution issues in same. Perform tests and keep up MS SQL Server databases in a MIS domain. Regulate databases and resolve all issues to guarantee information precision. Facilitate with business examiners and get ready outline for frameworks. Deal with every design issue and prescribe contrasting options to same.

 Direct databases and introduce required overhauls and fixes. Keep up every required archive for information stockroom. Assess effective working of task group and give direction on process strategy. Create and keep up benchmarks of all information distribution center and ETL. Guarantee consistence to all particulars and archives all information stockroom organization exercises. Screen ETL server and databases and guarantee ideal execution. Facilitate with Quality Assurance and Offshore ETL groups.

 Calendar gets ready for all assignments and keep up a powerful database. Give help to FSE and deal with all Law authorization demands. Oversee and gather all business metadata. Deal with all information joining focuses and affirm all measurements.Data warehouse administrator:Information distribution center overseers are in charge of the everyday exercises of running a PC information stockroom Information distribution center chairmen for the most part fill in as bosses inside an information stockroom and manage different specialists to guarantee that everything runs smoothly.Administer information stockroom frameworks including support and check of concentrate, change, and load operations.Install, arrange, investigate, and keep up information stockroom systems.Handle client demands for questioning data.Datawarehouse administrator roles and responsibilities:Monitor all databases and resolve all performance issues in same.Perform tests and maintain MS SQL Server databases in an MIS environment.Administer databases and resolve all issues to ensure data accuracy.Coordinate with business analysts and prepare design for systems.Manage all architectural issues and recommend alternatives to same.Administer databases and install required upgrades and patches.Maintain all required documents for data warehouse.Evaluate efficient working of project team and provide guidance on process methodology.Develop and maintain standards of all data warehouse and ETL.Ensure compliance to all specifications and documents all data warehouse administration activities.Monitor ETL server and databases and ensure optimal performance.Coordinate with Quality Assurance and Offshore ETL teams.Schedule plans for all tasks and maintain an effective database.Provide assistance to FSE and manage all Law enforcement requests.Manage and collect all business metadata.Manage all data integration points and confirm all dimensions