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1in; direction: ltr; line-height: 120%; text-align: left; }a:link { color: rgb(0, 0, 255); }Themembers of this study group decided that we will be using a methodessential for collecting data throughout surveys and interviews. Thismethod is referred to as “the participant observer”. It is a typeof data collection that was commonly used in anthropology andsociology by an observer that studies and investigates a group ofpeople in an organization by participating in their activities. Fromthe name we noticed that it is a matter of observing andparticipating not changing or modifying. Therefore, our primary aimis not to make visible changes or modifications to the study field,but it is, reasonably, to search for the problems regarding those twoorganizations, urban and rural, and to make a clear statement to thelocation of the issue.

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As a result, we will be presenting in ourresearch some recommendations that may be helpful in improving thissector or at least be relevant and helpful to the next person inquest of this topic.Wehave randomly chosen six children from both organizations (three ofeach) to ask some simple questions that we found necessary toinvestigate the psychological status of the children. A questionnairewill be presented in this fieldwork followed by the Statistiqueoriginated from the examination. Wehave interviewed two volunteer teachers (one teacher of each school,after a number of disapprovals) that accepted our proposal to answerour questions concerning the institutions used as the field of ourstudy. We had the chance to attend classes in both rural and urbanschools, thanks to the mentioned teachers above. While in theclassrooms we observed interesting things that we will be using asarguments to support our thesis and our objectives from this study.We took a brief expedition in the schools as well, and we noted a lotof differences between the two schools being studied.

We consideredthe online content to be relevant as well due to the lack ofmaterials and means in our fieldwork.Asfor the materials, we have nothing to include in this paper. First,we cannot afford some expensive materials (the transport) to help usin our study; second, we found that we do not need any materialsbecause we are dealing with a social study. We faced problemsconcerning the far location of the studied town (Tendrara) from ourhometowns. Fortunately, one of the group members have a female friendin a school called “Abdallah Chafchawni”.

She was the onlyteacher that accepted to reveal her name in our paper. We went to theschool only once, but she accepted to send us voice messages full ofsurprising facts that we could not collect during our stay thatlasted only three hours. Her name was “Yousra Maliki”. She wasone of our few participants in the fieldwork and she was our bestsource of information. The other teacher who agreed to help us wasalso a female that asked to reserve her name and information for someparticular individual matters.