Over outer edge of the kingdom. A year passes

Over a millennium ago, back before time was called time, there was a kingdom.

In every kingdom there rules a king. This king was fair and just, he always had his people in mind, he brought justice to the corrupt and awarded the kind people of the land. One morning, a group of farmers gathered before the king and said… “Our king, our king, we think you to be a fair and just lord. Our fields are taken up, there is no more space to plant. If our king would allow us to move to the outer edges of our world, we would have all the space we need. We could yield better harvest each season.

” “What a swell idea!” the king says. “I will permit you to move your farms, take as much land as you see fit. Give the people of this world a plentiful harvest!” Within a week, the farmers relocated their crops and now lived on the outer edge of the kingdom. A year passes and the farmers have increased their yield, a group of merchants came forth before the king and said… “Our king, our king, we think you to be a fair and just lord. Most of farmers are very far away, if you would permit us to trade to the outer edge of our world, we could increase profits exponentially.” “Why not! What a good idea!” says the king. “I permit you to travel and trade with those in the outer lands.

Take whatever land you see fit, and create your shops, however you may not touch what is already claimed by the farmers.” It took two days, the merchants had moved to the outer edge of this world and had begin trading with the farmers. Another year goes by of prosperous trade between the farmers and merchants. Now, the citizens have gathered before the king and say…”Our king, our king, we think you to be a fair and just lord.

Due to the farmers vast crop and the increased merchant trading, our kingdom has flourished. We no longer have the space to support the population. If you would  allow us to rebuild along the outer edge of the world, we could increase the population, this would mean there could be more soldiers for your army.””Of course!” The king replies. “I permit you to rebuild your villages and homes beyond the inner kingdom. You may take the land required, just stay away from what is already claimed.

” The masons build roads for the citizens to reach the outer kingdom, it did take many days, but the people eventually rebuilt their villages and homes.A year of virtuous growth goes by, and once again the farmers have come before the king and say…”Our king, our king, we think you to be a fair and just lord. The time has come once again, our farms are not producing enough food to support the kingdoms population. Throughout stories and legends, we believe that there is more worlds than just this one. If we expanded once again, we could create bigger fields and have a larger harvest each season.””What you have heard is all true.” “There is another world 3 days west. However, these lands have been claimed by another kingdom, we cannot just take what is already owned.

We must accept what we already have.” The farmers left the king and went back to tending their crops.After a few weeks have gone by, a group of merchants have gathered before the king and go on to say…”Our king, our king, we think you to be a fair and just lord.

We have been told the riches of this other world and wish to go there. If we could trade in this far off place, we could give our kingdom many wondrous things.””I have already told this to the farmers” “The land to the west is not ours to poach, you must be content with the trades of this kingdom.” They left in astonishment, and continued their current operations. Time passes and the civilians gather before the king.”Our king, our king, we think you to be a fair and just lord.

The population has grown beyond what we can sustain. If we had more land, our population could continue to flourish, and we would not be so cramped together.”I will not say this again!” the king belows “you must accept what you have, their land is not to be touched.” The villagers stormed out of the castle in anger, and continued suffocating in their homes.

“Our king, our king, we no longer believe you to have your subjects interests in mind. We shall take what we rightfully deserve!” Within the day, the people stormed the castle and executed their king. For the next five years they settled further and further into the other world. Until finally someone noticed, it wasn’t long until vast armies began destroying villages and killing anyone who intruded on their lands. The people tried to fight back, but this other world had technology like nothing they have ever seen before. It took seven days of pillaging, until they had slaughtered every villager in the entire kingdom.

Hundreds of years passed, and explorers eventually found the kingdom in ruin. They analyzed every detail, read every book of the once prosperous kingdom. They learned many things about how this society functioned. There was one thing carved in stone on the kings throne, “We have doomed ourselves, If only we had listened to our wise king, this kingdom wouldn’t be in flames.”