Over an article broadcasted by Megan Poczos in the

Over thepast few years, social media has completely changed the way people spread andfind information as well as news, making it a lot easier for news industries totarget particular populations. Websites such as Buzz feed are getting more andmore famous as their aim is not only to write news stories, but also to createnew entertainment, with the use for example of cat videos and cute puppies. However,Buzz feed raises an issue which is whether it is a reliable source or not. Accordingto an article broadcasted by Megan Poczos in the University of Wisconsin’s theRacquet, she stated that “A lot of articles posted on buzz feed are opinionbased articles”(Poczos, 2015).

With that statement, she says clearlythat most things that are on the website’s content is not reliable becauseopinioniated pieces  are not objective.Therefore, readers can grasp an idea of the story instead of telling it again. Anexample of this is that someone could write who they think will win the presidentialelection, and who they like better instead of finding the facts and evidence toactually prove their point.