Our mating calls, they are making chainsaw noises. So

Our world is getting noisier and noisier every day.

From the honking in a traffic jam to the loud clanking of a tool in a construction site. Sadly unlike us, animals are not able to shut the noise out. The only noises that animals are used to are natural noises such as Mating calls, Migration noises and a young one calling its mother but recently they have been hearing unnatural noise also known as noises made by humans. The noises are disrupting the animals mating call, so instead of mating calls, they are making chainsaw noises. So since they were chicks they were hearing chainsaw noises and now their mating calls are chainsaw noises.Birds are being deeply disturbed.Many bird species are being disrupted and many bird species are going and most are changing their style of adapting.Some examples of the birds that are being disturbed are Male great tits (Parus major), European robins (Erithacus rubecula) and the black-chinned hummingbird (Archilochus alexandri).

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These are only animals that fly let’s talk about the animals living in the ocean such as whales and seals. When the little whales are talking to their mom the noise disrupts the and diverts them and they could get lost.The Noise can also divert them from huge food supplies and make them avoid large food supplies.The whales being washed up on the shore is caused by noise pollution and the whale’s that die in the sea it is caused by physical trauma and the symptoms are bleeding around the ears, brain and other tissues, as well as air bubbles in their organs this is known as barotrauma. Sometimes because of noise pollution, the sound of the whales toward predators and they get eaten.Dr. Silvia Earle, oceanographer also informed and told us Undersea noise pollution is like the death of a thousand cuts. Each sound in itself may not be a matter of critical concern, but taken all together, the noise from shipping, seismic surveys, and military activity is creating a totally different environment than existed even 50 years ago.

That high level of noise is bound to have a hard, sweeping impact on life in the sea.”