Organ religions urge the maintenance of healthy physical life.

Organ donation is a modern treatment designed to replace organs or tissues with organs, parts of organs or healthy tissue.

The organs that can be transplanted are kidney transplant, liver, pancreas, intestines, heart, lungs, bone marrow, cells, skin, cornea, and bones. Some people prefer the non-automatic organ donation after death (opt-in system) because of the issue of organ transplantation raises many vital ethical issues, including the definition of death, the timing, and manner of authorizing the transplantation of an organ and the idea of paying for organs. Nevertheless, there are some advantages for the automatic donating after death (opt-out systems) for several reasons: which are improving quality of life, Increasing the patient’s survival, and development of medicine.  Transplant organ may allow someone to live without medicine for the first time since being the diagnosis of the disease. So that decreases the cost of the medicament that has been necessary to have a high quality of life.

There are also some ways proven grantee benefits from specific types of donations. For example, eye donation can allow someone to see again, and bone donation can make someone to live without pain. So by the opt-out system, organ donation occurs automatically and help the very needy patients for curative.It’s supposedly clear that an increased lifespan is one of the most important benefits of automatic organ donation.

Some recipients are kept alive because of opt-out systems. Most religions and philosophies are in the interest of organ donation. This means there is no problem with that in terms of religions because all religions urge the maintenance of healthy physical life. This is a response to skeptics about the legitimacy of automatic donation after death.There is a severe shortage of donated organs compared to patients in need of these organs. This shortage led to the urgent need to donate organs of the dead. Which made increase the success of organ donation as a result of the development and improving surgical techniques and immunosuppressive medicine. For example,  as in the United States, the number of patients who need organs to be donated to them reached more than 120,000 in 2015.

That means they have to use the opt-out system to save the lives of some patients. It is necessary to pay attention to this purview because of its great impact on society as a whole.In conclusion, the advantages of the automatic donation after death make several things which are beneficial for who need an organ. So it should be automatic to help patients.