Oracle Using Studio, developers add the more technical BPMN

Oracle BPM includes comprehensivefeatures customers need on BPM projects. Included are: web-based business userprocess modeling, content management, case management, portal, fully functionalbusiness rules, Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), data model and its entireportfolio of pre-built Process Accelerators. With Oracle BPM, both the developers and the businessanalysts access the same underlying Business Process Modeling and Notation(BPMN) 2.0 process artifacts through a common repository. This means that whenviewing and editing projects in either Process Composer or Studio, artifactsare never lost between the two tools. Using Studio, developers add the moretechnical BPMN 2.0 artifacts into processes developed by the business analysts(e.

g., service tasks, script tasks, message tasks, signal events), editbusiness rules, and map and transform complex data from one format to another.Oracle BPM Studio rests on top of Oracle’s SOA foundation of products and can add and deploy/orchestratenew services very easily. Oracle BPM’s tools speed deployment and execution byallowing the business rules to be defined separately and in parallel with the processes that aremodeled. Because rules are separate from processes, the business becomes moreagile and adaptable to change. Excellent user experience capability exists. Businesspeople can change Oracle business rules as often as the business needs them tochange. The changes take effect immediately without redeploying the associatedprocesses each time making it easy for overall management and administration.

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 Oracle BPM’s development tools and its runtime architectureand standards are very tightly integrated (with what?). The functionality inone tool is not duplicated in another. Development time is saved becauseartifacts in the project are kept in synch and are not lost as the worktransitions between the business users and developers. Whatever is modeled isexactly what will be executed.