Opportunity what might happen in the future. And so

is not a Lengthy Visitor


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      Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor,
what does it really mean. It means that there are
moments in your life that you have but they only stay for a brief moment of
your life they never last so if you don’t take the opportunity it will most
likely never come back so don’t waste
your time in your life because you’ll never get it back.

      Into the woods is a great
example of opportunity is not a lengthy visitor.
The proverb means that opportunities don’t last long. Implying that the
opportunities need to be taken advantage of as soon as they arise. It is
putting an emphasis on living more in the moment and less in the future. So you
don’t miss all the action in your life worrying about what might happen in the
future. And so you don’t wonder later on in life what might have happened in
the past when you passed up on the opportunity. And then you will forever be
thinking what might have happened to you and what that opportunity would have
done to your life today.  

you live your life believing that every opportunity will come up again further
down your life road and you will take advantage of it then you would be very
misguided. Sometimes the best opportunities only occur once. In the musical, there are examples of people who take
advantage of the opportunities presented to them specifically the main
characters. The baker and his wife are presented with an opportunity from the
witch. the opportunity to finally be able to have a child. The baker and his
wife did not pass up this opportunity. And the opportunity ended up working out
for them

happens in life for a reason so if you get an opportunity it must be for a or reason
otherwise why would you get the opportunity. Life is like a good deal at a store, a discount or a sale. They don’t last
forever they only happen for a while and then if you don’t get them while you
want it the deal will be gone forever and you won’t
get what you want. So, this deal is a lot like life in many ways, the items you
are not buying are like the opportunities you are missing out on in your life
if you don’t take them while they last then someone else will take them or they
will go away forever. Opportunities are things that you don’t have forever to
decide on you have to take advantage of the opportunity. Good things don’t wait
around forever. If it takes a lot of work to get something, it is worth having.
It is not just something easy that anyone can achieve, so don’t pass up on the

      So, in conclusion. Don’t waste your life passing up opportunities
because they will most likely not come up again. So, if you get an opportunity
to do something you want in life don’t be afraid to go and do what you want
because it won’t be there forever and
before you know it the opportunity will disappear. So, don’t let your opportunities
in life pass you by.