Online parts of Africa. This is one reason why

Online learning is the access of work and support on the
internet for anyone to be able to connect to for example, BBC bite size, my
maths, doddle and many more. In this context the meaning of future is that
society will change the way it is being taught over time and whether this is a
positive or a negative.

I am personally interested in this matter as now that
technology and society is changing, I am wondering whether it will effect education
and if so how long will it take and will there be any consequences, for example
schools might have the possibility of shutting down and each school being
online rather than taught in a class room. Also what effects this may have on
people like teachers who have worked hard for their career. I want to know
whether this will be the future of education and whether it will advance
education in the future.

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Globally the internet is needed for education as it is easier
to research and find information on the things to help develop someone intelligence.
My first source of interest of why the internet could be the future of
education is because in a place like Kenya they may not be as fortunate to have
the capability to pay for the internet and when the children are at school they
won’t have the resources like computers to help them do online learning to help
them develop their knowledge. It says that 1bringing broadband to
schools could transform lives in the poorest parts of Africa. This is one
reason why online learning could be the future of education because it could
transform lives for the poorer people and will start to give them a better
future. Poorer countries such as Kenya need education support it’s just that
there are financial barriers that stand in the way of that from happening.

In addition, a second source is that 2there a
thing such a social learning game. This will develop education as society
updates and develops a lot of the younger generation that is in society play
games and rarely do things such as homework because they want to play video
games or pc games. However, to develop education with online learning there are
games for more of the younger generation, to one advance their intelligence and
two, they will be entertained while doing it. As it is a part of the internet
it will give everyone an opportunity to use this way of learning. Also with
online learning and the idea of social games is strength because it allows
people to play together and compete against each other or to work as a team, so
as people play it they will have social time as well. A weakness of the social
games is that there isn’t as many games out there yet however it may develop in
the future. There are only a few educational games however not everyone
globally will be able to access them. For example people who are less fortunate
won’t be able to access the internet because they won’t have the financial resources
to pay for the equipment.

A third source that agrees with my question is about the
percentage of society globally that are already using online learning and how
it has impacted on their life. 3In a recent survey that has been
taken, almost 80% of young people said they’ve taken an online course. This
already states that society is changing and that online courses are becoming
more and more popular. In the past it was always that if you wanted to get a
qualification you had to pay a fee to do classes that were specified in that
particular area. However society now is changing and is relating more too online
resources. The source says that 3to tackle question of teaching
quality, a number of providers have turned to user rating and internal
evaluation. Star teacher, for instance, has become a popular teacher evaluation
mechanism in China and South Korea, two of the largest e-learning markets. Not
many people tend to say that society is better working in a classroom because
there are such things as online teachers which are there to help. As you can
see most of society around the world is more attracted to e-learning online.
Just as it states in the source that China and South Korea are two of the
largest e-learning networks so this mass of people that are learning online
aren’t always within the United Kingdom. There is still however some weakness
that effect some people like the less fortunate who are homeless or are in
poorer countries around the world.

On the contrary, online learning could be its not the future
of education because people are still heading overseas to develop education and
rather than doing an online course which could be from anywhere around the
world, there are still some current students globally which head to different
countries, so they can have different experiences. This could still be a
possible thing that happens in the future because