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One of the most famous quote “the youth is the hope of our nation” was stated by Jose Rizal who truly believes and has faith to the youth. As time pass by the code has become platitude due of the behavior and characteristics of the teenagers nowadays. Teenagers in this 21st century are way too different from those teenagers in the past decades, particularly from that of their parents and grandparents youth specially on the way they act, they dress, they think and the way they behave and adopt to new environment. Most of the teenagers nowadays are free they can do what they want as long as they’re happy and they’re having fun without minding the results of their actions, that may lead to some consequences. One of these consequences is early pregnancy  also called as teenage pregnancy, girls who have not reached legal age who have become pregnant. Teenage pregnancy is a rising problem in every part of the world.

Every year millions of young women got pregnant whether it is an unintended pregnancy or intended pregnancy. According to the world health organization teenage pregnancy has an average of 16 million teens ages between  15 and 19 gives birth each year. Since teenage pregnancy is rising many people are still debating if does access to condoms prevent teenage pregnancy.

Condoms is a rubber sheath worn by man during sexual intercourse as contraception and it  is one way to avert teenage pregnancy with the help of proper knowledge and responsibilities.Youngster nowadays is not new about sexual activities, they think that it is just normal to indulge in that kind of activity. One of the factor how teenagers know about sexual activity is through their environment and most of all through television and internet that contains overloaded sexual content that may trigger their curiosity and become ignorant. There are contraception that teens can use to prevent STI’s,HIV or AIDS and pregnancy. Condoms is the most common contraception that youngster use, according to leading health authorities such as U.

S Centers for Disease  Control and Prevention (CDC) when condoms are used consistently and correctly they are 98% effective in preventing teenage pregnancy this means that 15 out of 100 teens who uses condom as their contraception during sexual inter course .Since 1990, teenage birth rates have fallen drastically, declining from about 62 births for every 1,000 young ladies matured 15 to 19 to around 24 among a similar gathering in 2014.Teenagers are likewise holding up longer to engage in sexual relations, and when they do, they’re doing it all the more securely. The way young ladies utilize anti-conception medication is likewise evolving.

As indicated by the CDC, condom utilize diminished by about half among ladies matured 15 to 19 in the vicinity of 1995 and 2010.According to M.D.

Mary L. Gavin condoms are not the most effective way to prevent teenage pregnancy since there is still a possibility to become pregnant even with the use of condom, the most efficient way is abstinence that is 100% effective.  Since youngsters  nowadays know about early sexual activities they  must be informed and knowledgeable enough about sex and contraception to make condom effective in averting early pregnancy.Access to condom is a good idea in averting teenage pregnancy, but as what Mary Gavin said the most efficient way is abstinence. As a youth we must be knowledgeable enough about our surroundings to not to be ignorant and indulge in such things that are hard to get out.

We must think before we act and picture out the possible outcomes of our actions. It is not bad to be free as long as we know our  limitations. The first step to take to become a youth that  your country need is to listen and follow your parents or the adults because they know whats best for you.Be a youth with dignity and a youth that can help your country. Avert teenage pregnancy and be a child in your community not bear a child for the community.