Once out and her eyelid were wide open. When

Once upon a time well actually this happened yesterday but anyways there was and still is a girl named Bryce you might no her the small 5th grader she’s best friends with sophia they always play together they loved each other but only as friends. One day the to girls found a what do you call it ohh yeah a genie lamp by a pond. Sophia tried to open it and did but then she was gone. Sophia where did she go bryce said I’m in here Sophia said what who was that Bryce said me your best friend duh sophia said where are you Bryce said where am I open the bottle Sophia said what ok fine Bryce said.  Woosh. What are you sophia Bryce said. come on can’t you recognize your best friend Sophia said.  but… but… oh whatever come to my house and with the bottle Bryce said I already have it Sophia said ohh ok lets go Bryce said. Nooooooo! oops sorry let the story go on. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I look like a genie Sophia said yeah you do Bryce said hey you’re supposed to say no you look like an angel Sophia said you don’t Bryce said rude Sophia said it’s true Bryce said whatever Sophia said. Well I guess I get to give you a wish Said Sophia. yayyyyy! I wish I had A horse AN appaloosa horse I love them! Ok your wish is my command. Where is it. Look outside. Bryce ran outside and found a appaloosa stallion horse standing in the driveway. I went up to the horse and the horse laid down for me to get on him I got on him and then Sophia told me that she did not have the bottle. She  fell to the floor I got off and asked if she was ok she said that she had to be in the bottle or she would you know yeah but anyways I picked her up and put her on my beautiful horse and said giddyup. The horse start to gallop so I looked down at sophia then said to the horse canter boy canter. I felt Like I was going faster than wind I could tell Sophia did to her lips were puffed out and her eyelid were wide open. When we got back to the pond we looked and looked for the bottle but could not find it. Then Bryce wished that sophia was a human again then Sophia fell into the pond and the pond started to become a blue tornado. Boom! Sophia turned into a human and fell into the pond that had no more water. I jumped into the sand and went to Sophia but she was not awake. Bryce started crying and tried to do cpr. Ble ble a fish came out of Sophia’s  mouth. Bryce was happy. Ms. Holt Bryce and Sophia’s teacher saw the genie lamp and tried to open it. Ms. Holt opened it and then she turned into a genie. Bryce and Sophia said at the same time no not this again.