On Finally, in 1773 there was this thing called

On December 16, 1773, a major event happened in the United States of America. This event impacted the world in several different ways. Not only did this event impact the world, it heated up relations between people. This event is known to us Americans as “The Boston Tea Party”.     The start of this event began with the British trying to make a little extra money. They realized Americans loved their tea and at that time they drank about 1.2 million pounds each year of tea. They thought of a way to make some extra money. So in return, the Americans started getting tea for free by smuggling it because they didn’t want to pay high prices for tea. The British found out they weren’t making as much some reason, so they started putting a tax on tea. Finally, in 1773 there was this thing called the “Tea Act” that was passed and Americans grew furious. The Americans believed the British were just trying to gain support from colonies. Samuel Adams and John Hancock were trying to protect Americans, so they opposed the “Tea Act”.On the night of December 16, 1773, the Sons of Liberty decided they were going to board three ships in the Boston Harbor. The first ship was called Beaver. The second ship was called Eleanor. The last ship was called Dartmouth. Between these three ships 5,000 men got on them. These men were led by a guy by the name Samuel Adams. They disguised themselves as Mohawk Indians because they knew they wouldn’t get caught. Every man on the ship carried an ax with them. Soon all the men started breaking tea boxes and throwing them overboard. Within three hours they had thrown over roughly 340 tea boxes. Now a days that would cost a total of $1,000,000. Earlier that morning around 10:00 am over 5,000 people gathered at a place called Old South Meeting Place. There director Samuel Adams came up their game plan and how they were going to carry out this attack they were going to take later that night. After they were done destroying all the tea chest, the Sons of Liberty put everything back on the three ships the way the found it due to the fact they did not want anything else getting damaged that was their property, besides the tea they were there to destroy that was not theirs.    Up to this day, we still do not know how many people participated in this major event. As of now, there are only 116 people that participated that we have in a document. We never will know how many people participated, due to the fact the guys who did it wanted to keep quiet so they wouldn’t get in any trouble. Even though 116 people were documented only one person got in trouble in this event. Although only one person got in trouble, there were very strict laws that got put in place after this event took place. The man that ended up getting in trouble got stripped down, then tarred, and then feathered. After that man got that done to him, not a single person mentioned anything about names that they knew of.    For weeks after this attack, the Boston Harbor had a horrible smell around it due to the fact of all the tea in the water. The harbor was immediately shut down after the attack. The Boston Harbor did not open back up until the 340 tea boxes were paid for. This was implemented in the Intolerable Act of 1774 and is known as the Boston Port Act. All this ended up leading the to spark of the American Revolution War. On March of 1774 there ended up being a “second tea party”, only this time 30 chest were thrown over by 60 men who disguised themselves the same as the first time. This little attack barely got any attention, so most people did not find out about it. Up to this day some people still do not know there was a second attack at the Boston Harbor.   Where this whole big catastrophe took place is totally different now a days. At the exact same spot where this attack took place, it is now a busy intersection.  Purchase and Congress Streets are the two that lead up to this spot. Most people believe this is the spot, but not a single person can honestly answer where the exact spot took place of the Boston Tea Party. British East India Company was out all this tea and all this money after this attack took place. They did not have a clue what do do about all the money that was lost and all the tea wasted. Ben Franklin offered to pay for the tea that was wasted, as long as Britain would open the Boston Harbor back up again. The British refused to open back up the Boston Harbor, so Ben Franklin did not end up paying for the 340 chest of tea dumped into the Boston Harbor. Although there this was a huge event back in the day there are a lot of others that are just as bit of an impact as this one. The Boston Tea Party is an event everybody will remember throughout their life especially the ones that live around that area everyday. The Boston Tea Party is definitely an event for us Americans to remember.