On driver, or even the royal family. These factors

On the night of August 31, 1997, Princess Diana of Wales along with her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed, and her bodyguard, were being escorted from The Ritz hotel, and trying desperately to escape the ambush of the paparazzi. The couple’s black Mercedes was heading through Alma Tunnel in Paris when they were killed after their car crashed into the thirteenth pillar of the tunnel at more than 60 mph. (Lawless). Most people considered this as just a tragic accident, but there are many theories about the death of Diana that have surfaced since her passing. Many factors about the incident make it seem difficult to believe that this was truly an accident including the involvement of other vehicles, and even rumors of an intentional murder of Diana by the driver, or even the royal family. These factors would suggest that Princess Diana’s crash was no accident. One of the main reasons people question whether Diana was murdered or not was the condition of her driver, Henri Paul.  “Royal drivers are expressly required to avoid alcohol for ten hours before getting behind the wheel. Yet Henri Paul’s blood-alcohol reading showed that he must have been drinking even before he was unexpectedly recalled to stand by at The Ritz at 10 o’clock.” (Brown). The fact that Paul was allowed to drive the couple is very suspicious, especially because he was a royal driver and should have been aware of the standard for driving under the influence. “Henri Paul was both drunk and on medication. His condition was deceptive. He did not appear drunk in any obvious weaving, slurring way…. but the truth was that he had combined his drinks with pharmaceuticals—Prozac and Tiapride—whose labels carry warnings that taking them with alcohol can make driving or operating machinery dangerous.” (Brown). His state of health combined with the fact that Paul was driving almost double the speed limit were very suspicious. Why was Paul in this condition, and why did he try to hide the fact that he was under the influence? Paul was obviously not fit to drive the princess, and the reasoning behind his state of health supports the theory that he crashed the car on purpose.Another big factor is the theory about the possible involvement of a motorcycle and/or other vehicles causing the crash in the tunnel with the Mercedes. According to the Daily Mail, “Witnesses claim that when the bike was about 15ft in front of the car, there was a fierce flash of white light from the motorbike. The suggestion is that this came from a laser beam carried by the pillion passenger and directed at the car. The witnesses’ view is that the flash of light blinded Henri Paul temporarily. It was followed by a loud bang as the limousine swerved violently before slamming into the 13th pillar in the tunnel and being reduced to a mass of wrecked metal. One of those eyewitnesses, a French harbour pilot driving ahead of the Mercedes through the tunnel, watched the scene in his rear-view mirror. Chillingly, he recalls the black motorbike stopping after the crash and one of the riders jumping off the bike before going to peer in the Mercedes window at the passengers. The rider, who kept his helmet on, then turned to his compatriot on the bike and gave a gesture used informally in the military (where both arms are crossed over the body and then thrown out straight to each side) to indicate “mission accomplished.” Afterwards, he climbed back on the motorcycle, which raced off out of the tunnel. The riders on the bike, and the vehicle itself, have never been found nor identified.” The other vehicle that was known to be in the tunnel at the time of the crash was a white Fiat Uno. “Meanwhile, the Uno accelerated, clipping the side of the Mercedes to push it to one side. This maneuver allowed the black motorbike to speed past Diana’s car, with its two riders wearing helmets that hid their faces.” (Reid). This theory says that the Uno was a helping hand in setting up the flash emitted from the motorcycle. Though the two vehicles were never found, the witnesses accounts and the damage done to the Mercedes show that the two could have been involved in a possible murder.The last big factor supporting the theory that Diana was murdered was a letter she had written prior to her death. According to AP News, “Diana had written in a 1995 letter of fears that Charles was “planning an accident” in my car” — although she had also speculated about dying in a helicopter or airplane crash.  Al Fayed claimed Diana was pregnant and planning to marry Dodi, and that the royal family could not countenance the princess marrying a Muslim.” In Diana’s letter she suspected her own murder and even specified the way she might die. The fact that she was able to say this and be almost completely accurate with respect to what actually happened means she had to have knowledge of a possible murder. This is one of the most chilling reasons supporting the theory that the princess was murdered.While these theories have evidence and allegations to support them, and many might believe them to be the true, others remain sceptical. Many people do accept that this was just a tragic accident and nothing more. Diana’s driver was under the influence and was driving recklessly. He may not have intentionally gotten drunk or crashed the car on purpose. Although this may be true, it just doesn’t seem plausible that no one would notice that Paul was drunk and/or under medication. Then the other side may say that since the other vehicles in tunnel were never found or identified, they were never a threat and had nothing to do with the crash. Even though the vehicles were not discovered, eyewitness accounts suggest the vehicles played a part in the crash of the Mercedes in the tunnel. Lastly, others may refute Diana’s letter, though it’s hard to find how they could. How could the princess have been so accurate about her death, or even guessing that she was in danger? People might try to argue that it was just an accident but it seems hard to believe it with all these reasons suggesting that it wasn’t.In conclusion, there is lots of evidence to help support the theory that Princess Diana was indeed murdered. Though the horrific crash of Diana took place just over 20 years ago, the fact that people are still developing conspiracy theories is incredible. The thing we can take away from this event, whether the princess was murdered or not, is that we should always be careful about whom we put our faith into; sometimes the people who we trust with our lives, can also be the ones who might do horrible things with that responsibility.