On by our service engineers’ team but also few

On company letterheadDate: 26/01/2018 Letter ofRecommendation Iam pleased to be called upon to write a reference letter for Supriya Navale asa founder and CEO of Collateral Medical Pvt.

Ltd. She has worked in my companyfor 8 months as a Product Executive. Supriya had been mentored by Group productmanager and me in few projects. She is a quick learner.

Her coreresponsibilities were to excel in her category of products of which involved avariety of medical diagnostic equipment such as Audiometer, Otoscopes, Opthalproducts, Ostomy products, Blood pressure measurement devices, X-rayaccessories, Dermatology products, Laryngoscopes etc. She was accountable fordeveloping and executing online sales, application support by giving productdemonstrations, handling customer queries, and procurement. Duringmy acquaintance with her, I found her accommodating and hardworking. Shedeveloped a new category of “ostomy” products at our e-commerce portal under mytutelage. She took all responsibilities seriously & co-ordinated well withsupplier multinational company and IT department by her praiseworthycommunication skills & etiquettes. She was not confined to only productexecutive role. She attended not only technical training by our service engineers’team but also few service calls in hospitals.

This showed her keen interest intechnical areas along with acquired management skills. She went beyond her role& completed other tasks such as Inventory counts and execution ofneuropathy camps in various cities of Maharashtra state for which she nevercomplained and always adjusted to various fieldwork situations. I wasespecially taken by her perspective towards work, patience & work ethics.

She never discriminated any kind of work as a low category work & alwaysyearned to be versatile. Temperamentally,she is gregarious & Pollyannaish. She has a good sense of humor joy to the people around her.

This was illustrated when I realized thatshe had been everybody’s favorite in the workforce. Furthermore, she alsomaintained good relations with vendors which plays a vital role for anyorganization’s growth. She was very generous with her time & willing tooffer assistance to other staff.

While serving notice period too, shesuccessfully handed over all the responsibilities to the respective newpersonnel by training her meticulously with ardent efforts. Overall she waswell respected and well liked by others & was definitely an asset to ourcompany. Isincerely believe that Supriya has the correct attitude and mature outlook inwhatever she chooses to do. I think she has made a good decision to pursuemasters international. The course will channel her thirst of knowledge inindustrial as well as research field which will turn to be an important milestonein her career.

I am sure she will surpass your expectations & I am happy togive her my wholehearted endorsement.   NikhileshTiwari ((Education)Founder& CEOCollateralMedical Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai(India)