Object his account can be obtained using this feature.

Object Oriented ProgrammingCS F213      Mini-Project Software Design Document ForATM Implementation             ByManasaGarlapati- 2014AAPS0214HSowmyaMandapati – 2014AAPS0336HSamarithaPatlori- 2014B2A30916HATM Database SystemIntroductionWith the rise of internet, electronic version of everything is being developed. Banking sector also falls in this category. Banking is now just a click away , considering the access we have to gadgets like phones, tablets , laptops, etc.

,.  The greatest advantage of this, is the convenience. The fact that one need not be physically present at the bank makes the users’ life much easier. Users can access these anytime(24*7)  and using any device.  Also, as the whole process is automated, the risk of discrepancies , is minimized.

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Taking these systems as an inspiration, the ATM Database system we intend to design works on the similar lines.  This will be a user-friendly and flexible application.  Considering the several advantages of Java such as the security, portability, robustness, this system will be designed in Java. Basic features like money transfers, mini statement, balance enquiry, pin change are included in this. How ATM DATABASE SYSTEM works?Requirement? Front end and back end softwaresFor customer, for bank?characteristics, constraints, assumptionsFeatures intended to be provided :1.

   Money Transfer: Users can transfer money from one account to another account using this feature. The inputs required would be account details of the sender and receiver, and the amount of money that the user wants to transfer.2.

   Change pin:-User can change his current pin using this feature. The inputs required would be….

3.   Dept paying:  User can pay credit card debts using this feature. Inputs…

.4.   Mini Statement: The account details of the user and the money left in his account can be obtained using this feature. Inputs .


   Balance Enquiry: The remainder amount in his account after a transaction can be seen using this feature.6.   Password change: