Ø be accomplished. This benchmarking is done with the

Ø Internal benchmarking: is the comparison of practices and performance between teams, individuals or groups within an organizationØ External benchmarking: comparison of organizational performance to industry peers or across industriesThese can be further prescribed as follows:Ø Process Benchmarking:   It demonstrate that process which is under consideration how It will be accomplished. This benchmarking is done with the researches and site visits and then by comparing how different people or companies have done the process on track to achieve the target and how much targets have been achieved through the best process routines. This also supports and help executives to take decision in critical situation.Ø Performance Metrics:   These provide or set a measurable standard that can be used to compare different processes or part to assure the reliability. These metrics are collected with the detail study or visits of interviews etc.

Thus a performance difference can easily be identified with the planning and strategy to cope up the deficiency and to adopt more suitable follow up techniques to continue the improvement process.Ø Strategic Benchmarking   This type of benchmark identifies the success stories of pioneers, which proves their capability to rule the marketplace. This benchmark also helps to analyze how a company can compete in a crowd of competitors  and how this company can solve its short and long term issues.   More detail types of Benchmark are as follows:Ø First type program include word processing software ,CAD software, user’s application software.Ø Component/part Benchmark or Microbenchmark specifies relatively small and specific piece of code,then it computer’s basic components Ø Kernel type has basic codes and show the abstraction of code studied.

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Ø Another Benchmark that includes synthesis has to measure many programme for the analysis of the code.Types of Synthetic Benchmark are:Whetstone DhrystoneØ Financial benchmarking – this helps to analyze and assess all over the productivity to take a look at the whole process of production of an organization.Ø ·Process benchmark: in this type the procedures are evaluated to see the progress or working of a company to measure its effort and out put.. Ø Benchmarking from associate capitalist perspective- extending the benchmarking universe to conjointly compare to look firms which will be thought of different investment opportunities from {the perspective|the attitude|the associategle} of an capitalist.

Ø ·Performance benchmarking – permits the instigator firm to assess their competitive position by examination merchandise and services with those of target corporations.Ø ·Product benchmarking – the method of planning new merchandise or upgrades to current ones. This method will generally involve reverse engineering that is dismemberment competitors merchandise to seek out strengths and weaknesses.Ø Benchmarking within the public sector – functions as a tool for improvement and innovation publically administration, wherever state organizations invest efforts and resources to attain quality, potency and effectiveness of the services they supply.Ø ··Functional benchmarking – a corporation can focus its benchmarking on one operate to boost the operation of that specific operate. advanced functions like Human Resources, Finance and Accounting and knowledge and Communication Technology square measure unlikely to be directly comparable in value and potency terms and will got to be disaggregated into processes to create valid comparison.Ø ·Best-in-class benchmarking – involves finding out the leading contender or the corporate that best carries out a particular operate.

Ø ·Operational benchmarking embraces everything from staffing and productivity to workplace flow and analysis of procedures performed.Ø · Energy benchmarking – method of collection, analysing and relating energy performance information of comparable activities with the aim of evaluating and examination performance between or among entities. 4.Process Methodology There is a continuous process of undertaking the steps which involve the functionality of the benchmark which describe how a benchmark will proced and how it will perform its task specified for a particular process or a component of a process. Here is presented 12 stage methodology to show the steps of a benchmark. A 7 staged methodology has been used earlier but its efficiency is less comparable with the recent 12 stage methodology.

 The 12 stage methodology consists of:1. To select the area or subject of that area where a specific assessment has to be applied.2. To define the process through which the whole system will be analyzed.

3. To identify and enlist potential partners to carry out process.4. To identify data sources to collect the information to mitigate the failure chance.

5. To collect data and select partners from the enlisted information and data sources.6. To determine the difference between the standard and actual information so to present the deviation or fluctuation.7. To establish process differences gathered in the previous step.

8. To target future performance as based on the analysis of the base differences during the early stages.9. To communicate with the executive level personnel and other concerning parties to show the flow of analysis and there results. Usually a review meeting is held to review all the activities and progresses.10.

 To set the goals on basis of review reports, to adjust such goals that can minimize the deficiencies spotted in the whole process. 11. To implement the goals and strategies that have been presented and decided by the organizations personnel.12.

  To take reviews and re-calibrate whether the benchmarks have been properly implemented and being worked as if they have been made for and whether the desired results have been met or not.With this serial steps, there are some other measures that must be used with to achieve best results. Cost Assumptions:Benchmarking costs include following three types:l Visit costing includes travel cost, meals,labour cost and luggage carrying charges.l Timing cost includes a negative impression with the team members having the goals of consuming their time for finding problems, locating organizations to visit and implementations. Such activities deviate the members from their designated work which increase massive overwork, and organization need to hire more staffing.l Database cost keep focusing on including best experiences and the organizations associated with these practices as these have institutionalized the best experience to complete the process functioning.

 Tools and technologies: Different software packages show different benchmarks according to the complexity and massive amount of information and data needed and provided by the software process. Such processes uses tools and technologies to reduce the visit and time costing by supporting different benchmarking  Functionality.Benchmarking as a new rapidly improving technology competes with the help of other technologies to ascertain the desired result for a destined process. Metrics:Analysis is very much important in benchmark. There are especially the two Data envelope analysis and regression analysis, which help in estimating the production information to compare the production unit’s powers and weaknesses. DEA works to estimate the cost effective value in a specific market. On the other hand, regression analysis decides what a company have to achieve and how a good company get credits and bad company is liable to a penalty. Such benchmarks help to analyse whether a proposed process or system justify the customization and can be these used to upgrade a particular firm.

Different varieties of metrics are used in companies and its a big challenge to opt what the better metric is for a company in a spacious environment. As the priorities changes, the definition or need of a metric can be changed over time. Best ever companies keep an urge to track the metrics to assemble their work and benchmark according to the needs and necessities.  5.Use Benchmarking to Improve Reliability and Performance: An organization now a days can only save its data and information and can compate with other rivals, if it has the most important and needy the Safety rules and most up to date safety department as with the contemporary challenges.

In ancient times safety owes only to a specific person or on can say a department, including the think tanks who took us to a safety world to reveal that a company can sustain its position and life if it is in a danger free zone and completely fool proof.