Nyungwe tour of the delightful park but also a

Nyungwe forest national park is located in Rwanda. Rwanda is a country in east Africa. The park lies southwest of Rwanda near the burundi border. Nyungwe forest has a longitude of 2.4812° S, and a latitude of 29.2151° E. The park has an elevation of 9,700 feet.

The exact address is KN6, Rusizi, Rwanda.  The park covers 970 km2 of ground. The temperature of the park varies throughout the months, but typically it’s between 0-30 degrees Celsius or 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The average daytime temperature is 15.5 degrees Celsius or 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The Average annual rainfall of Nyungwe Forest National Park ranges between 70 and 80 inches.

June through August are the dry seasons of Nyungwe forest national park, September through May are known as the wet seasons of Nyungwe forest national park. Nyungwe forest national park is the largest mountain rainforest in Africa. Nyungwe forest provides 67% of Rwanda’s water, which makes Nyungwe forest Rwanda primary water catchment.  In 1903 Nyungwe was declared a forest reserve.  The German colonial government  declared Nyungwe forest a forest reserve and later the Belgians also declared Nyungwe forest was a forest reserve.

The Rwandan Government assembled Nyungwe an official National Park in 2005. Nyungwe forest is known to be one of Africa’s oldest forest. Visitors not only get a tour of the delightful park but also a piece of Rwanda’s culture. Those that are interested are invited to join in on Rwanda’s culture by: singing, dancing, food tasting, basket weaving and much more. There are a variety of Igneous rock at Nyungwe forest.

Igneous rock is produced when magma exits and cools as lava at or near the earth’s surface. Types of igneous rocks include: obsidian, rhyolite, and basalt. These rocks in Nyungwe forest are typically used for decoration, design, and sightseeing. This park is infused with bare rocks, which are simply huge naturally occurring magnificent boulders. In 1907 a German Duke was the first to observe Rwanda’s geological, the chain of volcanoes.

  Nyungwe forest has a wide array of animal species. The park contains 13 different primate species. 275 bird species, 1068 plant species, 85 mammal species, 32 amphibian and 38 reptile species.

This park has the rarest animals and some that can only be found at Nyungwe forest. Nyungwe endangered species are bushbucks and duikers. These two are mainly endangered due to poaching. Essential considered Nyungwe weather there is a considerable amount of reptile and amphibian diversity. Also found are hundreds of butterflies and orchids. Most of the plants found are within the Mahogany tree family.

 There are lodges where you can stay on the property of the park. Besides all of the overwhelming amount of animals Nyungwe forest has a canopy walk thats extremely adventures and a great amount of fun. There’s also a trail where you can go hiking through the park. Bird Watching, trekking, and camping are other tourist favorite activities to execute.