Nowdays, harvested [5]. Theoretically, in mechanical vibrations, a system

Nowdays, fossil fuels are limited in supply and depend on geologicevolution. Fossil fuel reserve lifetimes may be extended by new technologiesfor extraction, but the need to minimize the damaging effects of climate changeis a more immediate problem than fossil fuel depletion. If the worst impacts ofrising temperatures and climate alteration are to be avoided, society needs toswitch to renewable energy sources while much fossil carbon is still safelyburied in the earth’s crust.

Many sources of clean energy can found in manylocation in the worlds, such as ocean and river for water turbine, sun lightfor photovoltaic and solar concentrator, wind energy for wind turbine. All  power energy above need expensive andcomplexity in installation. Energy based on vibration criteria is one ofsolutions in simplify and cheaper installation. The utilization of structure vibration is used for capturingenergy from vibration environment is a solution to increase the energy sourcein the rural area. Among different approach to collect vibration from componentmoving to power energy,such as vibration from rotary equipment 12, railroad application 3 and structural health monitoring 4. The most popular research aboutvibration energy harvesting is piezoelectric with environments component.  Piezoelectric research is mostly done to increase the power output of aparticular vibration source. Improper piezo design will cause low theefficiency of the energy harvested 5.

Theoretically, in mechanical vibrations, a system that resonates at afrequency that coincides with the natural frequency of the system will producemaximum electrical power. One thing that needs to be proved in this paper isthe opinion from Liu that results in a solution that the output power will dropwhen the excitation frequency shifts away from the natural frequency of themechanical system6. Many studies use adaptive adjustments to conform to the naturalfrequency of the piezo system, as did by Clark using the shunt method to adjustthe resonator frequency of the piezo system 7. The study also studied in this paper is the evaluation of structuralresponses, in this case, is the material and geometry functions of thecantilever beam to external excitation functions, some studies also do the sameregarding checking the diversity of materials and geometry associated with theexcitation function with statistical approach89.Typically modelingin piezoelectric for energy harvesting used the simplification of single degreeof freedom (SDOF)10. SDOF modeling done in this paper using Finite ElementMethod (FEM) approach. Initial modeling will illustrate the characteristics ofthe cantilever beam used, such as the vibration mode occurring in some naturalfrequencies of the cantilever beam system. In this study present distributedparameter solution from cantilever beam with a connection to piezoelectric.

Thesteady state voltage response is measured in such a way that measurements of thevibration mode predicted by the finite element method (FEM) using ANSYSsoftware. Validation through experiment aims to know the role of vibration modeat the natural frequency of the system against the amount of voltage generated.