Nowadays, different about examination and assessment . Examination is

Nowadays,exams have been used to evaluate students’ levelsand intelligence. But, several institute have been opting for a different approachto assess students coursework. As we know , there is a minor differentabout examination and assessment . Examination is a written formof presentation of a certain level of theoretical knowledge by the studentbased on achievement of the learning objectives, it usually performed oncompletion of a theoretical training course or a portion of a syllabus.While assessment is a practical form to assess the competence of the student byevaluating three major factors that related to the learning objective ofknowledge, skills and attitude, it usually accomplish on completion of apractical training course.

 Exams seem, at first sight, to be anexcellent way to assess students. They test a specific syllabus that everyonefollows and they put students on an even footing as all students sit for thesame exam papers , but it has many disadvantages than assessment such as bydoing assessment students can form more content in grouping work throughsharing an idea by each members while exams students cannot discuss with each others.So, it will be a difference gap between assessment and examination inevaluating an idea. Next , even the rules already been made strictly , studentsstill can break it in whatever ways to get the answers. So cheating is one of adisadvantages in examination which is exam is no more relevant in this days. Based on the statistic that came fromworkplace that used competence work , students that fresh graduated frominstitute that are more theoretical are literally difference from the studentsthat has an experience from their pratical work study which is students isalready exposed to more realistic coursework in their workplace.

For anexamples for theoretical students they only learn about how the process work ,while the practical students been teached how to done it by their own .Although , practical students can get more experience when their study or doinga course work outside the campus rather than the theoretical students only evaluatetheir knowledge on a pieces of papers. Furthermore, nowadays students alreadyapplied the value of learning in the last minute in themselves during exams weeks. So we have to avoid this cultuire among the student to prevent students fromdepression or stress in studies. Additionally practical students already beentrained to not do last minute job because it cannot be done in a short term periodsas a examples , the work that their get is come with a dateline to finish itwith full criteria that has been stated, so student need to spend enough timeto have a satisfying work to submit.Beside that , by doing assessment orpractical work ,practical students must have skills rather than theoretical studentswhich is only learned about theoretical subjects because mostly practicalstudents need skills to finish their assessment that different with theoreticalstudents which is only understanding about what their learned and to fill someanswer into their examination paper.

 Other than that , an expertist cannot be evaluateby exam because it is just a piece of papers . the highers mark that studentsachive does not prove it that someone can accomplish a task of work such as inexam question ask students to state “how to paint a wall?” , so students canstate their own theoretical understanding but not necessarily can complete theactuall work of wall painting even so mostly compony are searching an employeewith experience and skills . So there is some benefitial to the assessment studentsthan theoretical students which is only presenting their work in exams.

                     In the nutshell , assessment is the best wayto evaluate the students level of their knowledge than exam , by replacing examwith assessment  students are assessed asholistically as possible .