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No-body is perfect, give those eyes a restSkit(Guy meets a girl)Guy: Youlook so bad that even Hello-kitty said goodbye to you. Girl: Howcan you say such a thing?Guy: Youdon’t even know how to take a joke.

… I think you sense of humor is worse thanyour face.And that, my friends, was an incandescent example ofdark humor. We all know what it is. Urban dictionary defines it as a genre ofcomic style that makes light of potentially offensive topics, and spans itslegs to being cruel, and offensive.

But it is precisely this nature which makes itimpervious to its repercussions. It can and usually is, used as a lame attemptto justify passing a remark, which had the sole intention of harming one’sfeelings. One has to understand that there is a fine line between making ahumorous remark and crossing the limits. It’s not that dark humor is bad, it’sjust that anything can be offensive in the wrong context, but there is always acontext where you can joke about it as long as there is a medium of soupconinvolved.

In this modern world of eye-candy searching, anythinga tad less than so-called “perfect” is given a hard time. People judge, not bysomeone’s qualities, but by his/her defects, and with the rise in the trend ofdark humor, those opinions have found veiled vocals. For instance, take looksfor example. With ethnic and geological boundaries, there are bound to bediversity in how a person from a certain place looks.

But if everyone is judgedon the same scale of ideal-beauty, “the blue eyed, blonde haired tall whitefemale- as described by a model on a Ted-Talk”, there are going to beinconsistencies, a lot of them. The problem is not what the characteristics ofwhat a perfect woman are, the problem is that there exists such a concept of”perfect”. For glass half-empty kind of people, no one is perfect, while forthe latter ones, everyone is. But alas, the quantity of the former ones farsucceeds the later. So, when a comment is passed on someone’s looks, chancesare that it will not be a positive one. Consider the conversation, given at thestarting of the article. We realize that the girl is not in congruency with theguy’s idea of beauty, and he clearly makes a pure offensive, comment anddefends himself using humor. The whole scenario ‘idea of perfection, offensivetasteless humor, and the flimsy justification’, is just sad, bordering onmorbidity.

According to a survey, 53% of 13-year old Americangirls are unhappy with their bodies, and this number grows to 78% by the timethey are 17. Now, imagine the girl in the skit, being one of them. For someonealready insecure about her looks gets ridiculed on that because… humor?, thepsychological harm would be high .It would add to her already lack ofconfidence, and it’s a downward spiral from down there.The bottom line is that black comedy and derogatoryremarks are very thinly separated.

This should be considered, while speakingone’s mind. While the former is not everyone’s cup of tea, the latter rests on theflawed idea of perfection. The pragmatic,and probably logical, thing is to realize that no-body is perfect. Don’t give them,and by a causal relation, your eyes a hard time.

Relax, not everything has tobe a masterpiece.