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New Delhi : The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu’s on his two-day visit to India on Monday signed 9 agreements, including natural gas, national security and cyber security.These important agreements were signed after a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, both cabinet ministers, officials and king-technical specialists. These agreements also include joint ventures for oil and natural gas, national security, cyber security, mutual cooperation in agriculture and technology, investment in Indian cinema, change in protocols in both countries and airports, and terrorism suppression.Speaking at a joint press conference, after the agreement, Modi said, “The new agreement will further strengthen the foundations of the two countries”, Israel Prime Minister, described India as the “new moon” in Israel affiliation.Trade Commissioner Ohad Cohen, Israel’s finance ministry, said that free trade would be possible between the two countries as a result of a deal between India and Israel. This is through a memorandum of understanding , both in the upstream sector of the oil and gas activities, including collaboration, to increase the long-term cooperative engagements in the field of bilateral relations and joint economic projects looking to explore opportunities, research and development and technology; mutually beneficial collaboration of universities and research and to promote institutional linkages between the growth of the organization; and start-ups in the region. A memorandum of intent investment opportunities, relevant laws and regulations, policies and government initiatives to support and develop cooperation between the two sides through the exchange of information and Invest India signed between Invest in Israel.

Indian Oil and metal-air batteries in Israel Phinergy Ltd. signed a letter of intent for cooperation in the region.Israel’s investment in India is expected to grow substantially as a result of new agreements with a net inflow of Rs. 31,762 crore in the fiscal year of 2011-12, which could further increase. Speaking later, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “We have developed our partnerships now. We can continue further on our way”.

In India, which has given new dimensions to foreign investment, Israel companies are able to achieve more, he added.