New moment I was scared, alone, and the only

New york was at first a very anime and enjoyable city, well that was before the tidal wage because after the tidal wave that came to destroy the entire city a week ago new had become silent and a very tranquil place . A lot of people were still shocked and terrorized by this disaster.Oh i didn’t even introduce myself, my name is Fatima  and I’m a journalist currently located at new york city.But, I’m also a victim and a survivor of this catastrophe, by writing this story I am telling you everything that I went through this week and how I’ve been saved by a hero.It was a Friday, December 15.Like any other day , everything was starting out nicely, I had  my cup of coffee and took off to work ,at the office.It was eight in the morning when I went out and I saw that New York was Slowly getting more and more busy as the day started. In the streets I could see that New Yorkers were very active individuals .

When I arrived to my office and I begun writing my newspaper articles that I was assigned to do, when unexpectedly, I heard a loud noise, I didn’t know what it was, but it was looking more alike a  a loud rumbling or crashing noise, then at first ,I thought it was nothing so I ignored it and got back to what I was doing. But next thing I know , everything was dark in the office room, the glass wall started to crack , the ground started shaking, this unexpected earthquake made everything tear apart. During this moment I was scared, alone, and the only thing that I wanted was to escape this place to not finish like the casualties around me, that were seriously injured. I really thought that it was the worst thing that could happen, really!In my head everything was going on in slow motion.I was looking around,the office was a mess, chairs were around all the place, my paperwork was all on the ground. I tried to keep head and be calm, but I just couldn’t, when I saw  a huge wave rising and passing through so easily the only thing that was separating me from the outside world: the glass wall.

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It was just so unbelievable! I couldn’t even move, I was just there drowning without doing anything to save myself. It was like I was petrified, the worst feeling ever. This tidal wave made everything wash away,  the furniture and the people were flying through the air or should I say in the water. The office was completely flooded and I was  trapped in this nightmare. One thing that really terrorized me till the point of making Me lose my logic, was when I saw a man hanging on a. Very tall building. In the moment, I was still shocked and under water, I thought it was a spider at first but I wasn’t sure, I didn’t wanted to rely on my thoughts.

I saw him him entering the office, and I just couldn’t believe it! It was  Spiderman, he was here to save my life. Then the time stopped and I had the impression that I was living on a another planet.Once I was on the solid surface of the earth , I realized that I could have loose my life. It was an absurd show,I was so grateful that he came at the right time and  at the right moment.

He was my savior. Then after this,The the police came and counted the mass of victims. Everyone tried to reassure themselves with pleasant words.

But the consequences were very important and serious. And all of this happened because this tidal wave was not announced by the meteorologists.Thank you,Spiderman for saving my life