Neville graphics. Teachers considered his work too experimental. At

Neville Brody is a reputable British graphic designer, typographer, and art director. He is notably known for his work on magazines like The Face, City Limits, FUSE, and Arena. He first attended a Fine Art foundation course at Hornsey College of Art and then in 1976 went to the London College of Printing for a B.A. in graphics. Teachers considered his work too experimental. At one point he placed the Queen’s head sideways on a stamp and was almost expelled for this artistic decision. Brody was also involved in design for the music industry. He did a range of vinyl sleeve designs for record companies such as Stiff Records, Fetish Records, and Rocking Russian. His style is influenced by punk rock, Dadaism, and pop art.Neville Brody has many accomplishments. He has designed some of the most renowned fonts in publishing. A few he created include FF Gothic, Industria, Insignia, and Arcadia. Famous papers such as Times Modern and The Times newspaper updated their fonts to his. He is the winning recipient of the 2011 D President’s Award. He created the company Research Studios in 1994 (now renamed to Brody Associates), which is an agency that specializes in typography and identity. He and his company have created iconic logos such as Disney, BBC, Nikon, Converse, Nike, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, and more. He is a founding member of Fontworks. Additionally, an exhibition of Brody’s work was showcased at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum and has a permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art. This was a brand strategy for Nike in 1988. The placement and size of text gives it a sense of movement. The typeface color change adds an element of continuation, fluidity, and legibility. The vertical and horizontal text leads the eye throughout the design space. An element of this design that I would like clarity on is why the “just zap it” is in red. The color choice of  “just zap it” makes the text less legible and it is also not Nike’s slogan. I found the text placement of  “just bounce it” clever because it accurately represents a bouncing movement. It is not place in a straight line but on a irregular curved path with different sized letters.