Netiquette on social media? What is okay to share

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   Netiquette Intro When is it okay to post your sociallife on social media? What is okay to share and not share? Netiquette is veryimportant when it comes to preparing yourself for a successful career, butthere are times when you should keep your personal life off social media. Bythe end of this paper you should know the importance of why certain thingsshould stay off the internet.MethodNetiquette is the etiquette of theinternet, as stated by Auburn University netiquette “simply means the use ofgood manners in the online communication” (Auburn University, n.

d.). Whenengaging in the internet whether you are communicating with someone or postingon the internet you need to remember that you need to treat others the way youwould want to be treated and that you can’t hide behind a computer screen andbe nasty towards someone (Auburn University, n.d.). Making sure you use propergrammar and sentence structure can help eliminate arguments and confusion in aconversation. Being able to avoid confusion includes rewording a sentence when itsounds passive aggressive or demanding and then simply adding some type ofemotion to mimic a joking matter or happy subject in your conversation.

Results Thereare many consequences of sharing either too much on the internet or using theinternet as a place to vent (which should be done in a proper professionalway). After reading an article by Protechnical I learned a few ways to staysafe and away from danger on the internet. A few ways stated in the articlewere- “once posted, always posted, keep personal information personal, know andmanage your friends, and that the more information you post, the easier it maybe for a hacker or someone else to use hat information to steal your identity.”(Protechnical, 2016). These are a few good tips that will help stop you fromeither having your identity stolen or ruining your professional career becauseyou posted something either inappropriate or something derogatory towardssomeone. Posting on social media can be done when it will not be consideredderogatory towards anyone and it shares a proper translation of the emotions inthe text so that way it prevents miscommunication of the feelings beingtranslated in the text.DiscussionBy now you should understand the basisknowledge of what netiquette is and how it can be transferred through inconversations from good to bad relations.

We also should understand some waysthat we can protect ourselves from consequences of sharing to much online andtimes when it is okay to share our personal lives on social media. The big keywhen communicating on the internet and posting is to treat people the way youwould want to be treated (Auburn University, n.d.

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