Name groups · 9/11 attacks brought this strategy of

   Name                                                :                  Muhammad UmarReg. No.                                           :                  R1F15Bscs0015Section                                             :                  BSCSSemester                                          :                  5th Project                                              :                  TerrorismSubmittedto                                    :                  Prof. NoorSubmissiondate                              :                  Jan 16, 2018 ABSTRACT This projectis very important for me. In this project I will discussed about the wordTerrorism and its impact in our society. How they spread terrorism in our societyand whichmethod adopts terrorists for money. What isthe solution to eliminate the terror in the whole world? Outline:·        Introduction.

·        What is the meaning of word Terrorism?·        Who are Terrorists? ·        What is the cause Of Terrorism?·        What are the effects of Terrorism?·        Facts about Terrorism?·        How do the terrorists worked?·        Which method adopts terrorists for money?·        Terrorism in Pakistan and Global terrorism?·        Hiroshima & Nagasaki Attack (1945)·        What are the Solutions to eliminate theterrorism?·        Islam vs. Terrorism·        ConclusionIntroduction:·        Systematic use of terror especially as ameans of coercion, force and cruelty.·        Acts which are intended to createØ fear (terror).  ·        Holy war, suicide bombings, fighting forfaith, and killing in the name of GodTerrorism:          Violence, or the threat of violence,against non-combatants or civilians, usually motivated by political, religiousor ideological beliefs.Terrorists:These peoples are not worry about the about their lives but takethe lives of those people who have some innocent dreams in their hearts.Cause of terrorism:Following are the causes of the terrorism are as follow:·        Onset of partition of British India sawmassive killing of non-combatants. ·         Pakistan manifestation of Shea-Sunniopposition.·         Aid to mujahedeen and Arab afghans ·         Terrorism in since the 1980s began primarilywith to the Soviet-Afghan War.

·        War brought numerous fighters from allover the world to South Asia in the name of jihad·        Post Afghan War 1990 and 1996, thePakistani establishment continued to support and the Mujahedeen groups·         9/11 attacks brought this strategy of Pakistanunder increased international study. ·        Some became recruiting centers forterroristsEffects of terrorism:·      Lashkar-e-Omar·       Lashkar-e-Taiba·       Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan·       Assassination of Benazir·      Attackon Sri Lankan Cricket Team in Lahore, Pakistan.·       Marriot Blast ·       Lal- Masjid incident ·       Bajur battle (approximately 2023 killed 4000injured)Facts about terrorism:Itis difficult to make statistics about terrorism, but some facts are clearerthan others ……·        Around the world about 50 percent ofterrorists actions are bombing, 20 percent are shootings and 30 percent arekidnappings, hostage taking or hijackings.·        Around 20 percent of terrorist actions result in someone being killed·        The number of people killed by terroristhas risen dramatically over the last 20 years.Terrorist worked:Terroristsgroups are made up of people who are convinced that society is deeply unfair.They believe normal politics cannot solve the problem and therefore, it isacceptable to break the law to achieve change. That is “the bullet is betterthan the ballot box.”The terrorists lie forthe mainly four categories:·        The Organized Terror.

·        To Making an Impact.·        The Direct Terror.·        The Death or Destruction OrganizedTerror:            In organized terror, most terrorist groups try to hidetheir activities from the police. Many are organized into cells who workindependently from each other.Makingan Impact:            In this category of terror, 50 percent of terroristactions are bombing. These tactics are used because bombs can be set to explodeafter terrorist have escaped.

DirectTerror:            In this category, terrorists groups do used guns butmeans must be present during an attack risk of capture. Guns usually used forself defense.Deathor Destruction:            In this category of terrorist, some groups informs the police before bombs go off becausethey still achieve fear and on the other hand some groups  believed killing randomly achieves theiraims.

  Money Making:Terrorists needmoney to buy weapons and to keep operations secretly but the problem is thatmissions cost of money very huge like fake passports, safe houses etc. Somemethods used to raise money are like as Fake charities, Drug smuggling andprostitution, DVD pirating, Robberies, Kidnappings etc.Terrorismin Pakistan:·        First suicide attack occurred in May2002 in Karachi.·        In 2007 Lal Masjid incident the hundredsof seminary students and many army men were killed.·        Assailant targeted a funeral in Swat andthe Pakistan Ordnance Factory.·        Pakistan always worked hard to eliminatethe terrorism in the region.GLOBALTERRORISM:·        Attacks on the US embassies in Kenya andTanzania in 1998.

·        The 9/11 disaster in 2001. ·        Attacks were traced to the group headedby Osama bin Laden known as al-Qaeda.·        Global terrorism was migrated from theMiddle East to South Asia.Hiroshima& Nagasaki Attack (1945):          During the finishing stages of world warIain 1945, the US (United States) conducted two atomic bombing against thecities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, the first on August 6, 1945 and thesecond on August 9, 1945.

These two events are the only use of nuclear in war todate.Solutionsto terrorism:·        The first step is the Education.·        Understanding the differences in religions,cultures, human behaviors and beliefs.

·        Think of freedom, peace and equality ofall human beings, not just the “one group of people.”·        Most important step is to eliminate theroot of terrorism.Education:            Educationis the main solution to terrorism. The management should teach the people to beaware of the differences in way of life, religious conviction, faith, and humanbehaviors. All people should believe in the peace, self-determination and equalopportunity of all human beings, not just “their group of people.”Eliminatethe root of terrorism:            Theway of this world is violent terrorism is funny.

Each country is doingsomething to exterminate terrorism but they still cannot remove all terrorism.They can kill some terrorists today, but they cannot kill the other terroristtomorrow or after tomorrow. They should try to find the core of terrorism, andthey have to remove it. Black money is the major root cause of terrorismbecause terrorists can do nothing without money, so the government should findwho support the terrorist.Understandabout terrorist:            Theexplanation is to find out the problem why a terrorist doesn’t feel guilty andwhy he has forced to be a terrorist. It may be some injustice done to him.Hatred spreads hatred only. It may be under enemy control only.

Islam vs. Terrorism:          Who told Muslims are terrorists? Letme to say one thing if one person who is practicing Islamic rules andregulations in the correct sequence, remember “he won’t go for terrorism at anycost because Islam is not a guidance to approach terrorism. If a person havinga terror mind so please don’t blame Islam simply because according to Islamviolence or terrorism is Haraam.

Islam is the actual example for “PEACE” Soplease stops blaming Islam and Muslims as terrorists. If you already committedto blame, please make sure that you have full knowledge about Islam because Ialready mentioned that Islam is a suitable example for peace. If you are goingthrough Islamic way then you won’t blame Islam as a terror community so pleasedon’t get confuse about Islam and according to my research “Terrorism startsfrom person’s ego” because no religion approaches community to go forterrorisms. Terrorism upon our mindset that’s all about terrorism.Conclusion:·     Be alert forsuspicious activity.·     Terrorists have thelong history to achieve the ideological, political and religious objectives.

·     Notify authorities.·     Protect yourself.        References:············