My was attracted on rearing of different insects under

My objective in taking up
masters program in entomology at Penn State University is to gain advanced
knowledge and translation of research understandings into practice. I hope to
accomplish this goal through advanced courses and research work, and a master’s
degree is fundamental in helping me to achieve this goal. I graduated from
Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS), Tribhuvan University this
past December with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. My studying at IAAS
led me to develop an interest in entomology specifically in Integrated Pest
Management Programs. Basically, I am an undergraduate of Agriculture (a 4-year
course), which is a very broad field. It has given
me an excellent background in Horticulture, Agronomy, Entomology, Plant pathology,
Agricultural Economics, Principle of Economy, Sociology, Social Mobilization and
Extension, Soil Science, Animal Science, Sustainable and Mountain Agriculture and
Statistics. Among variety of subject I
studied, Entomology got my enormous attention as I was fascinated with variety
and unique features of insects related with agricultural crop. I came across
the scope and importance of Integrated Pest Management Program as I got an
opportunity to learn more about it in the course provided Principles and
Practices of Insect-Pest Management on one of the semester. Penn State
University offers all of the additional and advanced information, being one of
the most-established entomology departments in the United States with deep
reaching roots in the field. Additionally, the graduate program at Penn State
offers students the possibility to conduct research with some of the best
faculty in the country.

I have conducted research
program for my academic mini thesis on Integrated Pest Management with
pesticides effect on the insect pests. I have spend my most of the research
hour in lab learning the life cycle and stage identification of particular
biological predator insect and pesticide exposure on its various life stage,
etc. From this research my additional interest increased on how this management
program by integrating biological control help more efficiently for proper food
production. I am also interested to know to what extent or proportion
beneficial insect help in succeeding this IPM program in a sustainable way
among various agronomical and horticultural crops. I also want to focus on the
effect of different pesticides on the beneficial as well as harmful insect for
particular crop so that updated ETL or EIL level can be known at current
rapidly changing environment. Working as an intern or volunteer in National
Agricultural Research Council (NARC), I was attracted on rearing of different
insects under lab conditions and their reproduction capabilities. By this
volunteering opportunity I got to learn and know different research procedure
conducted nationally over my country. I helped many of my friends in their
research program, case study, surveys, and insect collection projects. These
experiences was invaluable in teaching me the necessary skills to work efficiently
and cope with various challenges in fieldwork, lab environment, data collection
and implementing techniques  under
unheralded circumstances.

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There is a widespread
field of the findings of the proposed study to be implemented in Nepal. As
Nepal is the country having tremendous geographic diversity. It rises from as
low as 60 m Tropical Terai to 8848m Everest (the highest peak). So there is
humongous diversity of insects in every region of different agricultural crop.  It was reported among 5,052 numbers of species
of insects reported from Nepal 1,131 Number of species described from Nepal
collection (IUCCN Portals- An Inventory of Nepal’s Insects, vol 1, 1997). There
are very few research station conducting entomology program for agricultural
crops so it is necessary to develop at least one research lab in each region.
For different regions different management techniques are necessary, lab condition
for extreme cold and hot region is necessary for trials and recommendation. As
many farmers are still unaware of IPM tactics, disadvantages of regular
pesticide exposure to their health they still has a wrong belief about pesticide,
lack of awareness or belief that biological control can also control pest
problem, different beneficial insects are yet to be discovered, studied and
reared, importing beneficial insect for rearing and its insemination practice
is also necessary ion Nepal.

While attending IAAS I
utilized my time participating various research, helping out seniors and taking
up trainings of my course. Despite of my college being far from my home I
managed to attend all the courses with an allotted credit hours and I was able
to achieve 2.9 GPA. My undergraduate experience prepared me to come through
such circumstances and I got to develop skills that allow me to succeed in the
face of adversity. This skill will also help me in Graduate program at Penn
State University. I hope that you will seriously consider me as a suitable
applicant for your program. I hope to continue such research in the future, and
a graduate degree from Penn State University will be elemental in helping me to
achieve this. Penn State has the renowned faculty, the graduate program, and
the community that would be optimum for conducting research in these sectors.
Furthermore, Penn State’s Entomology graduate program has a strong research and
extension department as well as focus on various field of entomology mainly in IPM

I hope that I will be
considered and accepted to the graduate program of entomology fall 2018. It is
an excellent opportunity that will help me gain my graduate study ambitions and
attain more professional knowledge and skills. Agricultural entomology
education in Nepal is at its pioneer stage. The oldest institution teaching Agricultural
Entomology in Nepal is Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Tribhuvan University
(T.U). Despite of being the oldest institute it lacks certain lab facilities. The
other institutions that are younger and new have less facility in terms of
faculty members and research opportunities than T.U do. At this moment, there
is no proper scope for me to have advanced study in my preferred field in Nepal.
So, I have the only option to study abroad. Likewise, the universities of the
USA are always in my dream and if it is Penn State University, I will be more
than happy as I know about its world class standards and proud performance. I
do have a great interest in Agricultural Entomology and the application of
Integrated Pest Management programs in various region and agricultural crops
production for a developing country like Nepal.