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My essay structure will be concentrating on threetopics, first I will be providing a brief breakdown of the history ofstreetwear, highlighting individuals and brands who helped start and shape it. ‘From its humbleroots, streetwear has successfully worked its way into the high fashion world.'(The State Times, 2017) I will investigate the transition that Streetwear hasmade from underground to mainstream, with one of the biggest groups amassingmillions of devoted members spanning all over the globe. For my investigationto take place I must first explore what a subculture is, how they are formed,and how people become a part of them. This will directly lead me to look at how’influencefrom social surroundings’ nowadays can lead people to becoming a part ofcertain groups and subcultures such as Streetwear. Considering youth culture in society todayand how they are exposed more than ever to commercial consumerism from bigcorporations through advertising and social media.

These corporations willemploy advertising teams who devote all their time to coming up with schemes todraw in a bigger youth audience. I will look into the way in which social mediahas been used to broaden the reach of these companies toward the youth. Howhaving a social media presence has now become one of the most vital aspects ofmarketing and branding today. As companies now resort to hiring celebrities andindividuals with a large social media following to endorse and sell theirproducts online.

I will attempt to delve in deep to why this is and how socialmedia platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat profit off celebrityendorsement and advertising, as well as the overall effect it has on the mindsof young people and how they view not only streetwear but consumerism, productplacement, and modern society. I am also going to explore ‘the symbolism within materialism’ and how most of the things done within thestreetwear community suggest deeper themes and ideals on how we choose toexpress ourselves through the objects and material things we buy and show off.Referring to the part social media plays in the culture, I will be referencingcase studies and articles that cover various subject matter all in relation tothe evolution of streetwear culture today. Although it may not seem asimportant in comparison to other social issues effecting society today, Istrongly feel as if this is a topic that should be addressed to educate thenext generation in to not falling into the same traps that are being set bycorporations whose only agenda is pushing their product and profiting on thenaivety of the youth.