My they were happy but they were poor and

My name is Scrooge. I am in the courthouse angry on Christmas eve. My priority is working and getting money and being alone. I am going home then going to bed. then Marley appears saying you have to change your ways or you will end up like me.

I am  sending three ghost to help. First ghost was the ghost of christmas Past. She shows me my little sister. She is coming to get me from boarding school telling me i can come home. Then she was pregnant with my nephew after a few years past then she died of birth. The ghost of past told me that i was acting like my father (he said it was my fault the mom died). Next ghost was ghost of christmas Present and shows me the Cratchit family and they were happy but they were poor and that did not make any sense to me.

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they also have a ill son named tiny Tim he had a disease that could be cured but they did not have the money for the cure. Then she shows me my nephew making fun of me with his friends.  Entry 2 The ghost of future is the reaper he shows me my grave where I died and shows me my stuff being stolen by people and be sold to a man.

Then I realized my life was terrible because I had no friends everybody hate me and I was a selfish man. I did not i magine this is what my life would be because I had a love i had money and i thought that was life. Then I begged for another chance and I swore I would not be the grumpy man I would be the happy man and he gave it to me. I help the poor gave the Cratchit family a big turkey and gave bob Cratchit a promotion and whent to my nephews party. Money and work has changed my life to a mean and selfish man. Entry 3All my problems were gone because I help tiny Tim, gave promotion to Crachet , gave money to the poor , gave the Cratchits a big tukey , whent to my nephew party and was accepted with my family. When i was a grumpy man i had no friends but now i have friends and a family.

When is saw my grave and people stealing my stuff it clicks in my head saying that i am a bad man and no one cared about me. Now i want friends ,  family and a love.