My that has been a constant obstacle for me

My fascination for engineering started at the aesthetics, but become a passion when I looked beneath the surface. The many jobs that machines are able to perform, how they do it and why made me want to peruse a career in engineering. I have always and still am constantly wanting to learn about how they are able to achieve the functions which only attracted my attention further into engineering.  Engineering is a subject I have turned from my dream into my passion, it’s a mixture of two of the most interesting subjects, mathematics and physics.

Given the opportunity to start my degree in engineering, will only allow me to further dive into the mind of an engineer and learn the skill set to become an engineer that makes an impact. The physics and mathematical knowledge I have gained from studying BTEC Engineering and further studies I have done to understand more about the subject will allow me to solve many problems. Problem solving is the main thing I will come face to face with, it’s something I would love to overcome as it only makes me work harder and make my knowledge stronger.

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 Throughout the previous 2 years of studying BTEC Level 3 national extended diploma in Mechanical Engineering (QCF), I’ve managed to overcome every mathematical obstacle such as Maths in Mechanical, Electronic and Electromagnetic & Thermodynamic Principles. Furthermore, subjects like Mathematical Principles for technicians and Calculus is where I excelled in terms of interest in my chosen career. I was also involved in teaching the younger years engineering software’s like CAD and teaching them how to use the machines. Challenges are something that has been a constant obstacle for me but I have always overcome them as I will never let a challenge defeat me, I will always strive further and succeed even when its near impossible. My creativity is also something that will help me complete my tasks in the most creative way.

 Being an engineer to me, is someone who is able to find ways that would be deemed impossible and making them possible, being able to look outside the box to solve real-world problems, someone who is able to make an impact in the world we live in and always strive for success. An engineer is someone who is able to save lives by the machines they create and bring pollution levels down.  My main goal for becoming an engineer is to be able to make my imagination a reality, I want to be able to part of the generation that truly changes the future for the better and create things we only see in cartoons like Futerama a reality from flying vehicles to self-flying airplanes. The thought of being a factor in this change not only excites me but make some work harder to achieve my goal. One of the many reasons I want to be an engineer is Hedy Lamarr, she has affected the world in a drastic way. She had a simple idea, which people overlooked and thought it was impossible, which was the use of wireless technology like Wi-Fi and smartphones possible. As being a female in engineering, she is someone I aspire to be like, she not only disregards all the men in her field telling her she can’t do it but also created technology which everyone on this planet relies on.

Hedy had no degree in engineering which made me realize that if you work hard enough you can achieve your goal, Lamarr developed a technique called frequency hopping which allowed the military to control devices wirelessly, putting it into application changed everything we can do and how we do it. Hedy Lamarr is someone I aspire to be like, she defeated all the obstacles in her way and was able to change the world, something I want to do and someone I want to be.