My learned 3 Taylor’s Graduate Capabilities (TGC). The first

My group and Ihave done a research paper with the title “Does MusicAffect Emotions and Mind?” In this project, I am working with Sow Chin Tengand Lo Chi Yang. We chose MUSIC as our main title is because music is a specialand powerful thing in our life, and it is also can be a communication mediumamong human being. Moreover, music brings benefits to us human being.

Thus, thesubtitle that we set for our research paper is “DoesMusic Affect Emotions and Mind?”.         From this researchpaper with the subtitle “Does Music Affect Emotions and Mind?” we have learntsome facts about the supportive and unsupportive facts of the title. Thesupportive facts are music boosting mood, music motivate one’s mind, musicenhance memory and ???????. while the unsupportive facts are music does notinfluence crime and music does not cause bad behaviour.         However, I was alsofaced some problems and challenges, such as finding the result of experiment toprove the supportive and unsupportive facts for the subtitle of the researchpaper. Fortunately, I have a group of helpful teammates. To make our work easierand enhance our efficiency of our work, we had meetings and great discussionsessions to gather up our idea and opinion. After that, each of us takeresponsible for one of the part of the work.

         I enjoyed this project very much and it was my pleasure to take part in thiscourse and be in same group with my teammates. Finally, I feel more interestedwith doing group work rather than individual work. As the saying goes, manyhands make light work; now I am totally believing in it.         Beside that facing problems and challenges, I also learned 3 Taylor’s GraduateCapabilities (TGC).         The first TGC I had learned is communication skills. Communication among a teamis very important. For sure, we could not complete this research with goodcommunications.

However, we have a Whatsapp group for this project to easier usto communicate with each in state of meeting in school every day.          Lastly,the second TGC is digital literacy. There are billions of information on theinternet. Thus, before we are taking some useful points, we must think twice ofit to make sure that the facts are suitable and reliable to our subtitle.