My key business areas. INSEAD’s ranking as the top

My long-term
career goal is to build Africa’s largest agri processing company that creates
interesting and innovative product offerings from multiple agricultural
products. By doing so we would create thousands of jobs the continent
desperately needs. In order to achieve this, I have to acquire an all round
solid business education in critical business areas and understand how they are
inter related especially in a difficult economic and political terrains such as


I wish to
undertake the INSEAD MBA for three reasons, first, it is a good opportunity to
acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in key business areas. INSEAD’s
ranking as the top business school is a testament to the quality of education I
would receive at INSEAD. Second, INSEAD’s location in Europe and Asia is a huge
advantage for me as I plan to work at a global agribusiness company in a
developed economy for 3-5 years before returning to Africa. However, I want to
stay connected to Africa through my work. Europe and the Middle East are more
connected to Africa than other more developed economies as evidenced by many
multinationals in Africa reporting out of either Europe or the Middle East.   Third,
INSEAD boasts of a very diverse community of students and alumni, this is an
opportunity to connect with individuals from different backgrounds across the
world. I would learn more about tolerance, respectfulness and cultural
awareness. I would also not be forced to conform to any one culture at INSEAD.

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I have
dedicated my life to helping as many Africans possible pursue their aspirations
towards a successful life. In the short term, I plan to continue my work helping
young graduates on their path to successful careers, through the platform I created in
school as president of my department and through my work in my church group. My
plan is to join hands with other likeminded individuals to create a platform
that is dedicated to helping young Nigerians (educated or otherwise) achieve
success in their careers. In the long term I plan to empower thousands of
individuals (skilled and unskilled) and their families by building Africa’s
largest agri-processing company.


The Olam
scholarship will enable me to acquire my MBA from INSEAD without incurring any
debt that may force me to choose a different career path or work outside Africa
beyond 3-5 years due to financial considerations. This would help fulfil my
life’s mission of empowering Africans through agriculture which is very similar
to what Olam currently does in many African and Asian countries.