My fund offerings on both a federal and state

My employment atDechert LLP has afforded me the opportunity to interface with leaders in theknowledge economy.  As a paralegal in the financial services division ofDechert, I have been provided with a front row seat to a bevy ofsecurities-related activities of legal practitioners from first year associatesto managing partners.  My daily interaction with the attorneys in additionto my one-on-one conversations with partners, notably with Jeffrey Puretzconfirms my belief that in order to possess both a sharp and nuancedunderstanding of the financial arena, it is essential to enroll in aninstitution that provides the highest quality of legal education, committed toeducating the next generation of premier practitioners in the securitiessector.  CUA’s Law School’s commitment to educational excellence isillustrated by outstanding faculty, enhanced by externship opportunities inpartnership with distinguished governmental and privateinstitutions.   As an undergraduate at CUA, Iparticipated in the summer internship program in London wherein I served as anintern in the House of Commons, and based on the valuable outcomes of myexperience, I am keenly aware of the value of opportunities outside the classroomthat serve as some of the most teachable moments in one’s educational tenure. Adistinguishing feature of the Securities program is the externshipopportunities that may serve to enhance my classroom experiences. The securities program, with its owndistinct set of coursework, will provide the building blocks to a career insecurity law.   In my current position as aparalegal at Dechert, I assist attorneys in a myriad of tasks.

During the auditingseason, I am tasked with preparing responses to auditor inquiries. Additionally,I also assist attorneys in all aspects of private fund offerings on both afederal and state securities filings. Further, I review prospectuses and boardminutes to ensure accuracy that are distributed to be provided to clients andinvestors. I have assisted Jeffrey Puretz on research projects which aid in myunderstanding of the practice of securities law. Through my work and my observationsat Dechert, I have been afforded the opportunity to have a greaterunderstanding of the securities field, including corporate accountabilityand the need for clarity and transparency, the nexus of interests andresponsibilities between securities law and public policy.

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CUA’s Columbus School of Law’sSecurities Program is more relevant than ever: to train the next generation oflegal practitioners in securities and provides the resources for tomorrow’s leadersin the legal profession. Therefore, I wish to be study at CUA Columbus Schoolof Law so that I may pursue an educational program that adheres to higheststandards of scholarship and takes a practical approach to training studentsfor careers in law.