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My childhood was shaped onPC and console 3D video games so there was always a new game or a new mod that intriguedand encouraged me to look into the rabbit hole that is modelling and animation.Studios such as Rockstar, Sierra Games and LucasArts were just a few of thepopular game companies that I am inspired by. Nowadays individual developerssuch as Hideo Kojima give me a great deal of inspiration not just for videogames but for captivating storytelling and film.

In High school there wasalways a strict enforcement on what to study and what to learn. During my freetime I discovered 3D interior design and rendering and from there have self-taughtmyself the basics of a lot of skills such as modelling, texturing and keyframeanimation. It’s very satisfying watching something come to life on screen anddeceive the eye into looking almost real.A HND in 3D computerAnimation has given me the opportunity and freedom to explore a variety ofbriefs.

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This lets me challenge myself to translate the briefs into my own styleand produce a finished brief. In the modelling and animation modules I’ve madea realistic horse with full cycles such as walking, galloping and jumping. Thiswas more than enough to complete the brief but I wanted to push myself tocreate a great portfolio piece. Once finished I asked myself how I can take itfurther and had the idea of importing the assets and animation into UnrealEngine 4 to create some state machines and a third person controller for theasset.

This was very fun and I learned a great deal about state machines andgame engines. Apart from Modelling andAnimating, texturing has also a very big part in my life. I have a website portfolioand a Facebook business page which I update regularly with art that both inspireme and concepts I based art on. I started a collection of assets a few yearsago and as of the start of this year the collection boasts around 30+individual pieces of art that are textured with a certain style in mind so thatthey are all compatible with each other.

Through the use of industry forums andart sharing sites my work has been drip fed to followers and browsers forfeedback and critique and I have never found a better way to improve myself.From talking to lead game designers to Lighting artists and rigger and more,they all have such invaluable experience that I’ve managed to discuss withthem. Having profiles on these sites has really extended my view on theindustry and I hope one day to become a game technical artist.

I know my skillsare at a good starting point for becoming one. Being able to create an assetfrom concept to finished animated piece in a game engine is what drives me tofurther my skills.I enjoy workingindependently and in groups. This has been developed through my current highereducation course and the work experience I have gained developing assets for “modding”teams for the hit game such as Skyrim and Fallout and also working on an indevelopment PC game titled “Ether”. These have helped me to grow mycommunication skills with other departments such as programmers and leveldesigners. Working with them to make sure the pipeline run smoothly and thatany art imported into the game engines can be used across the board. My own life lessons haveshaped who I am today. Becoming a single parent at a young age and raising achild on my own I’ve had to quickly adapt to a new life and gain a strongersense of maturity and responsibility.

It has only been two years but I am proudto say that the life experiences I have been part of in that two years havemade me a respectable and honest man.