My being an energetic individual, the practical side is

My life long attachment to passion for sports and forever growing interest in biology has driven my aspirations to pursue a career in physiotherapy as it covers the combination learning areas of sports and science which I have a deep interest In.  how does it cover these things? Why scientific reasons be specific? Talk about human biology work/projects/presentations etc. That you’ve taken part in. Furthermore, being an energetic individual, the practical side is very appealing as I enjoy regularly playing which enables me to adapt to different situations which I believe is a strong asset to have when pursuing a career in physiotherapy as it enables you to adapt to different patient’s needs how? Talk about anatomy and understanding of the body and it’s response to training, nutrition etc. I am a confident speaker when have you spoken in front of people? Helped others and having excellent communication is essential in this line of work as you are always going to be interacting with several patients daily and it helps to build a healthy relationship with the patients to aid them in their recovery. Due to my deep interest in science and sport, I am currently studying a vocational course in applied science which provides an in depth knowledge across the board as there are specific units which are linked to physiotherapy such as human anatomy and physiology this has provided me a strong foundation for studying physiotherapy at university where I will cover..

.what is covered in BSc Physiotherapy Sports as a whole has been a huge part of my life since I was able to walk and over the years I have participated in a wide range of sports from competing in the London youth games in judo to skiing and football, however football is what I was most passionate about since a young age. At the age of 15 I was playing at an academy level at crystal palace fc but shortly after I tore my LCL which put me out of football for 7 months. Furthermore, I had to attend several sessions every couple weeks to aid my recovery and due to this I have become more passionate and enthusiastic in pursuing a career in physiotherapy, observation what happened and why weren’t they great.

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