My Architectural Systems Office. At that time I hoped

My lifelong dream has always been to start my own company. Most of all I am looking to hone the skills necessary to successfully lead this company with my own ideas, knowledge, and passion. For a long time, I wondered how to achieve this goal and finally I came to the conclusion that I must start with the fundamentals. I believe that studying Economics will provide me with the necessary skills and personal discipline needed to create and manage my company as well as tackle the different challenges that I am bound to face in the world of business. I firmly believe that economics is one of the key factors in the way that society has functioned since the dawn of civilization.

If one is able to master the concepts of economics, they attain a great advantage in understanding the world around them. Although studying economics will help me achieve my goal, I also hope to use my studies to grow into a more well rounded member of society. I am convinced that this course will teach and prepare me for the hardest challenges of working life.I have had several work experiences that have helped shape me into the young man that I am today. In particular, two of these experiences have taught me the most.When I was sixteen, I had my first job in Lugano, Switzerland, at the architectural firm Architectural Systems Office.

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At that time I hoped to become an architect like my mother. There I spent a month assisting the famous architect Josep Acebillo. It was an invaluable experience, because it helped me understand what life is like in an office, but also helped me realize that architecture was not my calling.Later I worked for a month at a Vineyard in Piedmont, where I was taught about the worldwide distribution of wine and the major issues of the primary industry.I have always loved traveling, discovering new places, and learning new things. My family and I have shared this passion since I was a child, because of this I have had the great privilege of visiting more then twenty one nations across the world. This has given me a cultural understanding and sensitivity that is quite unique to my age group and allows me to relate to people from all kinds of backgrounds. Another great passion I have is playing the piano.

I have played the piano for about nine years.It has always been a great passion, as it is an outlet for me to decompress from my hectic schedule and leaves me ready to take on new responsibilities.I have been a student for three years at Salem International College, Germany. Attending this boarding school has provided me with countless opportunities to better myself.

Most notably, I was given the chance to organize several school events because I was part of the Round Square group. Through this group, it was my responsibility to put together various school events to raise money for the Round Square Organization. The event that I am proudest of, was an event called “Casino Night” that we created. On only one night we raised the notable amount of 1500 euros.

Taking charge of events such as this one allowed me to participate in my school community while also doing something that I love.Ultimately, I acknowledge that I will have to work hard and put in tireless effort to achieve my goal of becoming an Entrepreneur. Attending university will be my first step and I am confident that I have the drive, diligence, and passion to push me through a rigorous curriculum. I am convinced that this course will provide me with the best tools and skills available to not only achieve my dreams, but to also grow into a man of strong character, curiosity, and will.