Muscle relaxers is a drug that affects skinny muscle

Muscle relaxers is a drug that affects skinny muscle like your skeletons, muscle function,and decreases the muscle tone. While you’re a teenager, since you’re still growing, if you takemuscle relaxers it can have a lasting impact on your life. The brain is more helpless to addictionduring these years. 90% of Americans tends to start drinking, smoking, or using drugs beforethe age 18.

Muscle relaxers incline to loosen your muscles that are tightened. Muscle Relaxers andRohypnol are very similar. The long term effects of muscle relaxers aren’t good because on along term the user of the drug generally becomes depressed, have sleeping problems etc. Theshort term effects are making the person who takes it feel sleepy and relaxed, sometimes itmakes them aggressive and violent. Most of the time they acquire headaches, dizziness,nightmares, problems speaking, confusion etc. It can lead to death when combined withalcohol. It can also have many critical health consequences such as slowing your heart rate andslowing down your pulse etc.

Muscle Relaxer is a man made drug. The people who make musclerelaxers put it into a caplet that dissolves in the liquid, transforming it into a blue liquid. Someversions of the pill come in white.

You put the pill in the liquid and it dissolves, sometimespeople decide to grind it into a powder and snort it as an alternative for using the narcotic.In conclusion, there are many different types of drugs and they all have negative effectson you . The effects of Muscle Relaxers are harmful on yourself and other people. It is veryhazardous to take Muscle Relaxers on its on but it’s ten times worse taking it with alcohol. Thedamage from this drug doesn’t lead to beneficial outcomes because it can ruin your centralnervous system and lead to death.

Many people die at a young age because of the use ofmuscle relaxers and any other synthetic, narcotic, or drug it is combined with.