Multiculturalism went through in the past growing up as

   Multiculturalism is the recollection that while Canadians divide equal rights and responsibilities, they come with diverse cultural backgrounds where any person is permitted to practice their faith freely and take pride in their traditions.To some, being multicultural is the fact that we have a large quantity of restaurants from different backgrounds while  others may think multiculturalism is about celebrating independence days of other countries. While Canada prides itself in being such a culturally diverse and tolerant society, others like  Joy Kogawa’s may not agreeIn the article “Grinning and Happy” Joy Kogawa demonstrates the pain and agony she went through in the past growing up as a Japanese- Canadian in Alberta. Although Canadians perceived Japanese beet workers as being “happy and grinning”, the reality is they suffered due to hard labor, harsh living conditions; the house was infested with bugs and dirt and fly ‘curtain’ the windows, and white eggs, maggots, was covering the Gaslamp (Kogawa, 1981) ” It’s the chickens coop house” ( Kogawa,1981, P.

2) is how Joy described her home. Extreme weather; the author describes the house was uninsulated Almost unbearable to survive in the summer and winter In summer, the house was best described as a dry sauna, or a heat trap (Kogawa, 1981).Growing up as a Japanese- Canadian you were viewed as a threat or danger, they did not fit into the mainstream society. Back then there were some cultures that were treated so bad to the point where they were basically dehumanized.

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All though Canada prides itself in being so multicultural they were always so accepting to different backgrounds and cultures. Since 1988, the year Pierre Trudeau passed the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, multiculturalism has been an  essential part of the Canadian policy, but still people continue to be very  vocal about wanting immigrants to  integrate into Canadian society.