Muller method to handle life challenges. Keeping in mind

Mulleroffers numerous conversation starters on a few philosophical points of view to lookingat being religious, approaching it with a receptive outlook, that religionitself can ruined by unspiritual impacts (Muller page, 17).

He affirms that, individualsall in all frequently longs to rise above, their own encounters and themselves.While one can be fruitful at numerous things in life, for example, profiting,have a family and hold intense positions is not enough to complete life but theinquiries that should boggles one’s brain is there anything else that completeslife, called religion. If this is true, are we willing to work at deep sense ofbeing and hold on to the calling of our profession of faith, without falteringwhen challenges emerge and are we willing to contemplate that honest togoodness religion is to show love and sympathy for the world by and large, withthe deep desire to have an impact in the life of others.Mullerunderlines, interpendence, talking about a more noteworthy fulfillment intaking care of others, denying yourself knowing you are having a positive effectin the lives of others with no reward consequently. He stated, most profoundsense of being trustworthiness is an adjust of inward and outside elements. (Mullerpage 20) He trusts that otherworldly existence of mindfulness and self-feedbackis fundamental for our souls, which if not being distinguished, will hamper ourmotivation in humankind. Hence association is a superior method to handle lifechallenges.

Keeping in mind the end goal to better comprehendreligion itself. Muller showed to better understand theology, itis important to make inquiries, with a specific end goal to completelycomprehend God itself. He expressed, in what manner can a man know God withoutaddressing what God look like? (Muller page, 22) It’s the same in our regulardaily existences, the more you make inquiries about God, the more you will findour relationship will extend, empowering us to relate better to both God andman.   Muller states, there are difficulties to beexperienced with a perspective that can comprehend and regard the perspectivesof others, even while interfacing us emphatically to our own roots. (Mullerpage 24) Any world view must face key inquiries, for instance, what assetswould I be able to draw on? Is there a God? or on the other hand, Is God aCreator who is in association with creation? Will God help us? (Muller page 24)Inmy opinion, I personally believe in God. My life is not complete without Godand I need God to structure my life. I believe God balances out life in allaspects and it is essential to be like God desiring all the attributes of God himselfbecause he demonstrated love for all humanity and if may add, for me it’s a relationshipwith God and not a religion.

I concur with Muller, we need to be interdependentbecause by ourselves we are not open to criticism or learning, however beinginterdependent, causes us to gain from each other and edify us more about Godhimself. Having an opportunity to share our encounters and how we require Godto enable us through regular day to day existences, can profit other people whomay have generally have no feeling of comprehension or direction in life.  In conclusion,while life itself is fulfilling in many ways, the need for spirituality withGod completes life. We must be willing to seek after and ask questions aboutGod to only realize it ties life together.

Most importantly, compassion forhuman being is fulfilling.