Muhammed experienced several blows to the head over the

Muhammed Ali was a heavyweight boxer that suffered from a disease called Parkinson’s, but he did not let the disease stop him from what he loved to do.

Muhammad Ali fought a tough battle, but despite his never ending strength, he lost the battle in the end. Parkinson’s Disease entered Ali’s body because of the effects of his choice to be a career boxer. He experienced several blows to the head over the course of his boxing career, which led to him suffering from this disease.

 Muhammed Ali was an athletic African American who inspired so many people in his lifetime (Muhammad).   He had grinded everyday before the disease robbed him of his power. He was an olympic gold medalist, he became an international boxing hall of famer and wrote a book called “Go the Distance”(Sawer). This book motivated and inspired young black readers.

A famous quote Muhammed Ali wrote and inspired people was, “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life well boxing is a risk and life is a game and I got to take both”(Sawer). Another famous quote was “Fly like a butterfly sting like a bee” this quote was one of the best people liked the most. Muhammed Ali was known for his exceptional boxing career(Staging). Muhammad Ali did not let the disease stop him from what likes to do, he never gave up on himself. Ali got married to Lonnie Ali in 1986 him and his wife worked to improve the literacy of African American(Staging). Muhammad Ali  retired from the boxing ring.

He retired because the disease was robbing him two years later at age 38 he tempted back into the ring by money and his love of the crowd. His family raises funds for the treatment of Parkinson’s to see if it can be treated. The reason why he got Parkinson’s was because throughout his boxing career he had taken too many blows to his head particularly in the final years of his career. Whenever he would talk you couldn’t really understand what he was saying and his body movement was slow.

The disease continued to ravage his mind(Parkinson’s). The disease was getting worst he being to having reading difficulties. The doctors told him that the treatments can help relieve symptoms but there is no cure for Parkinson’s(Parkinson’s). Many people believed Muhammad Ali was an amazing boxer that inspired so many people. It was very hard for Muhammad Ali whenever he got the disease Parkinson’s.It was a struggle for him he being to get slow in everything.  He also didn’t let the disease stop him he accomplished so much goals in his lifetime. Muhammad Ali fought every hard but there was no cure for Parkinson’s (Parkinson’s).