Much with Don Pedro.Beatrice and Benedict become sarcastic friends

Much ado about nothing is a comedy by shakespeare about romance and deceit. The whole play takes place in Messina Italy in this town lives Leonato a wealthy nobleman, his daughter Hero, brother Antonio and Antonio´s daughter Beatrice all live with Leonato. He is welcoming friends back from war. Don Pedro is Leonardo’s closest friend and Don John is Don Pedro´s illegitimate brother.

Claudio and Benedict are both young soldiers who are friends with Don Pedro.Beatrice and Benedict become sarcastic friends but Claudio falls in love with Hero. Don John becomes jealous of Claudio and Hero and tries to foil their relationship. A masked ball  begans  that night. Don Pedro is courting Hero for Claudio and eventually Claudio and Hero agree to marry. This declaration has two results, Don John comes up with a plan to ruin the marriage by making Hero seem unfit meanwhile Claudia´s friends decide they’ll pass the time before the marriage by trying to set up Benedict and Beatriz to fall in love.In the estate garden Don Pedro, Leonato and Claudio make up a story and loudly talk about how Beatrice has fallen in love with Benedict who is conveniently eavesdropping in some nearby bushes.

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Here on her servant Ursula do the same thing as Claudio and his friends did, Beatrice conveniently overhears Hero and Ursula talking about how Benedict has fallen in love with Beatrice and she decides Benedict would actually be a suitable husband somewhere else Don John approaches Claudio an Don Pedro exclaiming he has proof Hero was unfaithful and would make for a bad wife. Relucatantly the two agreed to see Don John´s proof that night. Don John leads them to view Hero´s room where Don John´s friend Horatio is making love to a woman dressed in Hero’s clothes believing the woman to actually be Hero.

Claudio was heartbroken and vows to shame Hero during the wedding Ber Heo however is arrested with his friend Conrad after the tow unknowingly revealed a plan to some nearby town guards enact for the wedding proceeds as planned until Claudio rejects Hero in an outrage claiming she’s unfaithful. Don Pedro backs him up and Hero faints while the ceremony turns into chaos. The fire hatch is a plan to declare Hero dead in order for the treachery to reveal itself and Leonato agrees to the plan meanwhile Braccio confesses the treason and admits the plan to the guards. Bridger repeats his confession to Claudio and Don Pedro and the two men beg Leonato for forgiveness. Leonato agrees to forgive Claudio if you want publicly attracts his accusation and writes an epithet for the dead Hero and two marries his other niece in order to balance Heroes cancelled marriage. Claudio agrees to the terms and publicly weeps for Hero at her tune he vows to visit her every year and then proceeds to prepare for his new wedding.

During the wedding it’s revealed that Leonardo’s mask niece is actually Hero herself and Claudio and Hero finally become married. Benedict and Beatrice also decide to get married that day. The play comes to a close as we find out that Don John have been arrested and everyone dances in celebration of the day’s events