MOTIVATIONAL my own professional academic and research career. I

MOTIVATIONAL LETTERBorn and raised in the third world developing country likePakistan, in which very few are having chances to complete high schooleducation, and even fewer go to college to complete bachelor’s degree, I hadmyriad of choices for opting my prospective career. Considering all futuredemands, increasing globalization, and environmental issues. I got interestedin Environmental Engineering. Therefore, I chose to major in Environmental Engineering.I am writing you this letter to express my interest in applying for master’sprogram for Environmental Engineering at Peking University.

I am keenlyinterested to do quality of research in Environmental Studies and Engineeringand have a head for it.Basically, I belong to a rural area of Sindh province,Pakistan. When I was in college, I participated in number of scientificcompetitions to enhance my practical skills and this encouraged my abilities.It was my dream to be an Environmental Engineer and it has remained my visionto do research to understand as well as resolve global environmental issues.

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With rapid change of development, Environmental Engineering is gaining higherattention. Currently, it is one of the most exciting and crux aspects likeother specialties’ in Engineering.If I talk about academics then I am very good in academics. Ihave got good grades in my matriculation, intermediate as well as inundergraduation studies. I got my undergraduation education at MehranUniversity of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan, has provided me with astrong and a comprehensive background in Environmental Engineering and Management.The curriculum included all the basic courses such as Ecology, EnvironmentalChemistry, Air and Noise Pollution Control, Solid Waste Management, Water andWastewater treatment, Hazardous Waste Management, and Environment, Health and Safetyetc.

In my final year of undergraduation, I have made prototype “TricklingFilter” for the treatment of wastewater.Having done my undergraduate studies in the best institutionof Pakistan, I would consider it my honor to be able to pursue my postgraduatestudies in China. The multidisciplinary nature of research at College of EnvironmentalSciences and Engineering of Peking University, students and faculty fromvarious backgrounds and diverse interests enable the program to spread throughwide cutting-edge applications and theoretical concepts in EnvironmentalSciences and Engineering. It will be certainly a new start to my own professionalacademic and research career. I am firm believer that this program will notonly fulfill my passion and alacrity, but will also provide me with anopportunity to be the part of highly technical research at CESE of PekingUniversity along with the industrial experience.As far as my wish to get higher education in PekingUniversity China is concerned: it is top ranked university worldwide and havinggreat exposure in research work.

Finally, I strongly hope to be laurelled bybeing accepted at CESE College of Peking University as graduate student.