Most treats his wife, but that is in the

Most relationships have both good and bad qualities. Madame Defarge and Jerry Cruncher treat their significant other poorly most of the time. Sometimes they treat them how they should be treated, with respect. Ernest and Jerry’s wife are kind, loving and care about others.  The relationships have some very similar things, such as secrets. Madame Defarge is a woman who “sees nothing” in her wine shop and seems so kind. The way she treats Ernest towards the end of the book is devastating. She goes behind his back to do things and doesn’t give him a say in their plans. That is exactly how Jerry treats his wife, but that is in the beginning of the book. He leaves her in the dark on all of his plans and his night job. He doesn’t approve of her praying and tells her she can’t do it. Both of their significant others are treated poorly in this book and it shows how some marriages worked back then and even now. Jerry’s wife is a kind woman who prays and does her part in the relationship. From what we read about her she does not deserve what Jerry does to her or how he treats her.  She prays for the best for her husband and then he tells her she can’t pray and yells at her(161). Jerry keeps things from his wife but his wife is not to pray, and that’s not a good relationship. Ernest on the other hand tries to say how Lucie and Little Lucie should not be killed just because of the Evremonde family problems. He has a heart for the people who did no wrong but were still getting killed. Madame Defarge and Ernest have secrets in their relationship, but so do Jerry and his wife. The Defarges are a part of the Revolution but they keep it secret for quite a while in the book. Ernest is actually the head of the revolutionaries but he doesn’t tell anyone because there are random people in their wine ship and they are sometimes spies. Madame Defarge keeps a list in her knitting pieces of the people she wants killed and if you make her mad or upset she will knit your name onto the list(168). They are in charge of the Revolution but are really good at keeping it a secret. Jerry and his wife have a few secrets, but not as many as Ernest and Madame Defarge. Jerry has a job during the night and he keeps it secret from his wife and everyone else. He tells them he is going fishing but he is actually a gravedigger(164). Jerry’s wife is always suspicious because he comes home from fishin and he has rust on his fingers. Young Jerry also brings it to her attention but Jerry treats his wife poorly so she never says anything about it to him. There are perfect relationships out there but these two are not a part of those. They are similar yet different relationships that have sneaky and loving people. Secrets from the other partner in the relationships are made and people are treated badly. The good qualities of these two relationships outweigh the poor ones.