Meta performs the function of a billion minuscule magnets.

Meta Description For timely resolution of all your querieson how to destroy hard drive data, opt for a certified data destruction companythat provides specialized services in hard drive destruction and data wiping. Excerpt If you need to know how to destroy harddrive data securely and make it irretrievable, then it is imperative that youenlist the services of a certified data destruction company. Such a companywill ensure that your obsolete, yet sensitive, proprietary data is permanentlydestroyed and cannot be accessed later by someone intending to harm yourcommercial interests.How to Destroy HardDrive DataAn estimated 80% of the desktops and laptopsof corporate business houses store confidential proprietary data.

This figureindicates that a large amount of confidential data is being stored on thesedevices and the security of this data becomes an issue of vital importance tobusiness establishments as well as to their consumers. This could be one of thereasons why one sees a rise in data breach costs. The susceptibility of thisdata to outside threats increases in proportion to its value to the business,even when the data becomes obsolete. Obsolete data, in turn, raises a crucialquestion on how to destroy hard drive data.Can’t You Just Delete The Data And Format The Hard Drive?A computer’s hard drive consists of a setof rotating disks that are coated with a film of magnetic substance and this iswhere all the data is stored in a normal computer. The magnetic film on thedisks performs the function of a billion minuscule magnets. Each of theseminuscule magnets lies in either the one or the zero position, and all data onthe computer, including, pictures, movies, documents and music, are stored as asequence of ones and zeros on the disks.

Each hard drive possesses a table ofcontents which is used to keep the drives organized. The table of contentsindicates where a particular file is being stored on the disk as well as whichpart of the drive is presently in use. When you delete a file from your computer,you are only deleting it from the hard drive’s table of contents. The main datafrom the file still rests on the hard drive in the form of ones and zeros. Thisdata on the drive can only be erased if it is overwritten. Until this is donethe data remains accessible, and anyone with the knowhow can retrieve theoriginal file.Don’t Take Hard Drive Data Destruction Into Your Own HandsInstead of just deleting a file from yourcomputer, a more effective method of erasing a file would be to repeatedly havethe data from the file overwritten with arbitrary values, and to subsequentlyhave those values deleted.

However, this is no DIY solution to the question of howto destroy hard drive data, and requires technical expertise. If you attemptthe procedure yourself, you would not be assured of a clean wipe of the diskand the data could still be reconstructed in a high tech laboratory, using amagnetic force microscope.The security of your classified data is asignificant issue and should not be taken lightly. Hence, a more realisticoption when dealing with the issue of how to destroy hard drive data would beto rely on a third party IT asset disposition vendor like All Green Recyclingwho are specialists in the field of data destruction.

How to Destroy Hard Drive Data The Right WayAre you mulling theissue of how to destroy hard drive data in a manner that makes itirretrievable? You are probably also looking for a reassurance that once yourconfidential data is erased from your drives it stays that way and doesn’t popup elsewhere in the hands of an unscrupulous person. An ideal solution for allof these issues would be off-site data wiping, which would ensure that yourpeace of mind remained intact.WithAll Green Recycling, you will essentially be availing off-site data erasing servicesthat comply with premier industry standards. At All Green Recycling, we follow policiesand measures that are customized to our client’s needs so that we can guaranteethat all the data on their  IT assets,hard drives and other electronic components have been completely and irretrievably erased.Sometimes It Pays To Physically Destroy A Hard DriveInsteadThe question of how to destroy hard drivedata only arises due to the fact that most business establishments would wantto reuse the drives after they have been erased. However, this may not alwaysbe possible.

Each device has to be assessed as per its specifications onwhether it can be reused or should only be processed for recycling. All storagedevices are not suited to DOD certified wiping. In order to carry out such a wiping,the device has to be in a proper working condition.

But, you also need to havean alternative plan in place to deal with the possibility of a device failingto get erased after the wipe has been carried out. In such cases, the alternative available toyou would be hard drive shredding. Shredding and purging of hard drives is adata destruction technique that is used in the following circumstances;·        If the hard disk is notreusable and cannot be wiped;·        If the data that it contains isextremely sensitive and classified;·        If you neither intend to reuse yourelectronic equipment nor resell it;·        If your hard disk wasmanufactured prior to 2007. For more details on how to destroy harddrive data, and any other queries on the issue, get in touch with All GreenRecycling today.