Messi team that actually accepted messi and they pay

Messi is a great soccer player.

Messi is a soccer player he has always been good in soccer messi wanted to be on different teams messi went to divergent they saw that he was god but the only reason that none of the teams wanted him is because they didn’t want to pay for their medication. Messi had a disease that he was small and he couldn’t grow averagely. Barcelona was the only team that actually accepted messi and they pay for his medication. Now he plays in that team and he is very successful. Know messi has a rival cristiano ronaldo.

Many people have had some kind of disease and they think that they can’t accomplish their goal just because of their diseases well messi completed his goal with the disease growth hormone deficiency it affects his growth progress which means that he can not get taller on average. Most people give up on their goals just because they have a disease or something but messi shows some of those people that they can do anything that they want to achieve. Early lifeMessi (Lionel Andres Messi) was born in june 24, 1987, in Rosario, Argentina. Messi was the second son of georg and celia Messi who realized that he was talented at a young age.(Biography). Messi started playing soccer in a team his father was the coach of the team and he realised that he was really talented so he decided that he was going to put him in a team with bigger boys.(Biography). His dad saw that messi wasn’t growing as quick as other boys his age he was diagnosed with a hormone deficient which stunt his growth which required expensive daily infections.

His father could not afford the treatment for messi. That is when messi soccer skills came in handy. Messi was scouted with barcelona this is where his professional career took off. But messi didn’t ask to be in barcelona messi whnted to be in different teams but only barcelona agreed to not just let him in the team but other teams whanted messi but they didn’t whant to pay for his medication. Adult lifeMessi has two children their names are thiago messi, and mateo messi messi wife is named Antonella Roccuzzo.

Messi started his cerrer with barcelona when he was 13 years old messi steal plays with barcelona till this day messi is about 39 years old and I don’t think messi will whant to change team because barcelona was the only team that exepted to pay for his treatment.