Megan normally is forced to return the product. He

       Megan MulrennanHA 3344Homework Assignment 1 Dr. Fulton23 January 2018           Supply Chain Management is a type of system used bycompanies to guarantee their item is delivered in an adequate and costeffective way to their consumers. Quality is one of the most important factorsfor companies in regards to their relationship with suppliers and customers, soa proper supply chain management method is a good option to provide maximumquality. Supply chain management makes a significant impact on combining manufacturersand retailers making sure the items are distributed at the precise location, atthe right time, with the correct quantity provided to the customer.

Withouthaving the high-quality control that is needed, the items have a greaterlikelihood of being broken before the warranty period of the product ends. Whena product departs the manufacturing facility and has any complications, thecustomer normally is forced to return the product. He or she will likely bedissatisfied and lose respect for the company which they purchased the item from.

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This is the reason why quality control is very imperative to help protect thecompany’s reputation so they can continue growing their business. In healthcare organizations, the supply chainmanagement team is responsible for re-stocking the organization’s inventory withthe products needed for providers to treat their patients every day. Thehealthcare organization’s supply chain management method could increase thequality of care for their patients, lower their costs, and further enhance thehospital’s income. The supply chain management method an organization chooses canalso help to provide great improvement and quality to increase theirproductivity and the overall profitability over time.    References Manzini, R. (2012).

Warehousing inthe global supply chain : advanced models, tools and applications for storagesystems. London ; New York : Springer, ©2012. Min, H. (2014). Healthcare supplychain management : basic concepts and principles. New York, New York (222East 46th Street, New York, NY 10017) : Business Expert Press, 2014.