Medicine observed how the pharmacist formed a relationship with

Medicine is a fundamental characteristic in everyone’s life.From the production and development of pharmaceuticals to the dispensing ofmedicines, I find it fascinating how drugs have the ability to cure, manage andprevent diseases. I am particularly interested in their chemistry andtherapeutic effects on human body, thus, studying pharmacy has become myaspiration.Working at my local pharmacy was an invaluable experience. Byorganising medicine and understanding the format of different types of prescriptions,I enhanced my organisational skills and learned the importance of systematicorder.

I realised the value of good customer service and observed how thepharmacist formed a relationship with the patient. It was this relation thatallowed the patient to confide and explain their issues confidently. I putthese communication skills into practice by creating a rapport with the patientand seeing to them whilst the pharmacist was unavailable, giving me a broader visioninto the day to day ailments of people. I was intrigued by the variety ofissues and how the pharmacist was able to use this information and their ownknowledge to prescribe relevant medication regarding the patient’s condition –a quality I aim to obtain by studying Pharmacy.Volunteeringweekly at a care home that helped support disabled members of the community wasextremely rewarding. My role consisted of attending to patients’ needs and buildinga friendlier environment. I achieved this by creating fun games and activitiesfor the residents. Occasionally, this would involve me simplifying acomplicated description which pharmacists often have to do when explainingdifferent types of medicine.

Volunteering also proved to be quite challengingdue to the different disabilities displayed by the residents. However this wasovercome by working with the other volunteers as a team to ensure that everyonewas involved and to avoid the feeling of isolation amongst the residents. As aresult, my interpersonal skills were developed. I was able to connect with eachindividual and guide them when necessary. Working in a team ensured this wasdone efficiently.

Studying A-Level Biologyhas been enjoyable, I’ve learned the importance of completing a full antibioticcourse, preventing new strains of resistant bacteria from developing- a commonissue often presented in the news. A-Level Sociology has enabled me to apply a societal understanding of the ethicsregarding public healthcare such as beneficence and autonomy. Finally A-level Chemistryhas provided me with practical skills that are vital in this industry; I’m ableto work efficiently in a laboratory and use technical equipment with accuracy. Thoroughlyinterested in this subject, I participated in a Chemistry enrichment. Workingwith my fellow students, we successfully taught clear constructed chemistrylessons to younger students, allowing me to interact with individuals fromdiverse backgrounds. Pharmacists must cooperate with a range of people andcombine their skills to work collectively as a team.

Organising aPeace Meal event, aimed to bring those from different backgrounds together,tested my time management and ability to work under pressure – a key situationexperienced by Pharmacists. Mentoring first year students for Biology andChemistry has allowed me to create honest relationships with pupils. As a Pharmacist,being trustworthy is an essential asset. My passion for photography has enabled me to gain the skill of payingattention to fine detail- a crucial skill when dispensing medication in anaccurate manner.

As a committed sports fan, I regularly watch football matchesand keep active by playing badminton with my friends.I am apassionate, hard-working individual who is stimulated by the dynamic careerpharmacy provides. Studying Pharmacy will introduce me to new experiences andopportunities which will allow me to become actively involved in providingquality healthcare to patients.