Media, are represented and discuss deeper meanings and symbols

Media, particularly Mass Media has always had a significant effecton audiences. We as viewers are bombarded with messages from various mediaoutlets that include TV, billboards, magazines etc. These messages that areportrayed promote particular products, themes, and ideas.

This is particularly noticedwhen media depicts social groups, which is the focus of this essay. For my essay,I have chosen the film “Get Out”, Get Out is a 2017 American horror filmwritten and directed by Jordan Peele. The film follows a young interracialcouple, Chris and Rose, who visit the Rose’s parents, only to have a series of troublingdiscoveries that lead Chris to a disturbing discovery.

I will discuss how andwhy a racial minority group, African-Americans, are represented and discussdeeper meanings and symbols depicted in the film. The film starts out by introducing the Chris a photographerand Rose whom are in a relationship and are heading to meet Rose’s Caucasianfamily for the weekend. Jordan Peele explains that the movie depicts real fearsof his and this is quickly seen as the movie begins. The first hint of thedifferent social groups is set from the beginning as Chris asks Rose whethershe had informed her family that he is Black. Later on, one their way to seethe family they are pulled over by a police officer who demands to see the IDof the passenger not driving, which is an underlying hint towards recent policebrutality cases. As soon as the couple arrives the imagery of the plantation-likeestate of Rose’s parents and the introduction of Georgina and Walter, the housecleaner and groundskeeper whom are also African-American, reminds us of the historyof slavery.

 (B. Sutton) As the film continues, Rose’s family insist that they are aliberal family and there are scenes where Dean, Rose’s neurosurgeon Father,talks about his love of Obama. To the point that Chris starts to question thisliberalism, during a garden party Chris asks Rose if any of the attendees knowa black person who doesn’t “work for them.” The story continues to reveal disturbingevents that start when Rose’s mother Missy hypnotizes Chris using a teacup asher weapon. During this scene Chris has the feeling of falling in a sort ofdark space. “Now you’re in the sunken place” (IMDb), Missy tells Chris, whichis a deep dark void of dimmed consciousness that is used by Jordan Peele todepict marginalization of African-Americans. This is a turning point in thefilm as it is reveals that Rose’s family hypnotize African-American male andfemales into the “sunken place” and ultimately own their bodies. This is furtherrevealed in a scene where Rose’s father is seen auctioning Chris’s body, whichis a upsetting scene that relates to slave auctions.

It reveals that thesegroup of white individuals are taking over black individuals’ bodies and brainsto fulfill their desire to benefit from their physical skills and in Chris’scase his body is sold to a blind man who wants his eyes. (Morrow, Justin) This revelation explains the robotic-like actions ofGeorgina and Walter and Logan, who is an African-American character that isintroduced during the garden party whom is married to a much older Caucasian woman.All of whom have been sucked into and stuck in the “sunken place” to be taken advantageof. A crucial event occurs at that Garden Party when Chris attempts tophotograph Logan and uses the camera flash that makes Logan hysterical. Deanquickly claims that Logan suffered a seizure. Although, this flash actuallywakes Logan from the hypnosis this flash symbolizes individuals to “see thelight” and realize the issue at hand. (This Is Barry) As the movie continues to reveal, we start understanding themessage that Peele is attempting to portray.

Which specifically deals with theAfrican-American social group and how particular white liberal mindsets dealwith racism. In this case Rose’s family who portray themselves as liberal andopen minded but in reality, have a disturbing motive. These racial motivestowards African-American are depicted in hints throughout the film. Forexample, the obsession with Black people’s physical strength is shown whenJeremy, Rose’s brother, discusses it during dinner and even at the garden partywhere Chris’s space is invaded, and he is touched without permissions and isobjectified for his physical strength by the Caucasian guests at the party.

This is particularly depicted when Chris is tied and forced to watch his new “owner”discuss his fate. Chris asks, “Why black people?” and is answered with “Peoplewant a change…some people want to be stronger, faster, cooler.” (Morrow, Justin)This is clearly messages in the film that portray how this social group is representedin this film. (Morrow, Justin)  The film “Get Out” is more than a horror movie, it’s a moviethat leaves the viewer to digest and come up with his/her own conclusion. The filmtackles racial fear, liberal ignorance, social groups and slavery. The socialgroup represented in this film are African-Americans, they are represented as outsiders.

Jordan Peele basically tries to make everyone see through the eyes of Chris andmake people feel the African-American experience in this particular film, heuses this film like the flash in the movie to wake people up. Even though themessage of race and different social groups is clearly portrayed I believe themovie brings people together by opening the viewers’ eyes through wonderfulstorytelling.